Case study proves effectiveness of in mall media

!cid_image002_png@01D17DF6According to a recent case study conducted by independent research company, Millward Brown, in-mall media proved to be as effective as TV.

Research conducted on a campaign for an entertainment brand with mall presence, showed that in-mall media contributed 38% to total awareness amongst the LSM 8-10 group, contributing more than TV and print. Further analysis also revealed a positive influence on decision making and drove a healthy Return on Investment (ROI), directly growing attendance, and usage figures.

This particular case study outlined the effect and contribution of various advertising channel platforms, including in-mall media, to the awareness amongst user and non-user groups of the entertainment brand.

“The numbers do not lie,” says Deshendri Smit, Primedia Unlimited’s Mall Division Executive Head of Sales. “Over this research period, while only making up 10% of the overall media spend, in-mall media accounted for a very distinct 12% increase in sales and audience attendance.”

Across the total sample, taking all the advertising platforms into account during the campaign, in-mall advertising platforms contributed a massive 21.3% of the total awareness, this was second only to television. However, in the LSM 8-10 demographic split, in-mall media delivered 38% of the overall awareness, beating television and contributing 16.5% amongst the LSM 6-7 grouping, again, second only to television.

“The power of in-mall media had the greatest impact amongst the ‘non-user’ group,” says Smit, demonstrating the power of in-mall media to drive awareness among new and lapsed users.

What’s more, Brand Health Tracking revealed that in-mall advertising positively influenced decision making by a further 6%.

The power of proximity to point of purchase makes in-mall media a prime channel for brand custodians with in-mall presence or distribution. “Now is the time for marketers and advertisers to make bold decisions and stand out in the tough economic climate,” encourages Smit.