Pro-Designs and Ottobock select a Flipper for 2016 marketing campaign

!cid_image010_jpg@01D19BC8Pro-Designs – a family-owned business that aims to provide top-quality branding solutions to suit all of its clients branding needs and help them to extend their brand footprint via alternative advertising mediums, which may give them the edge over their rivals – selected a PocketMedia Solutions’ Flipper for its client, Ottobock, to utilise during its 2016 Mobility Solutions marketing campaign.

The Flipper – a square all-in-one brochure, like a book, with a pull tag that makes the pages of the card turn over to reveal key information about Ottobock and its products – was sent to authorised Occupational Therapists and the mobility market, who in turn distribute it to their clients as required.

Ottobock and Pro-Designs selected the Flipper as opposed to traditional printed media to get its message across to consumers.

“We always strive to stand out from the crowd and the Flipper is new and innovative. A bonus is that the Flipper represents touch, movement and mobility, which is exactly what Ottobock stands for,” says Erich Scheepers, Ottobock South Africa Mobility Market Manager.

All around the world the Ottobock name stands for high-quality and technologically outstanding products and services.

“The goal of helping to restore mobility for people – or protect the mobility they have – stands behind each and every Ottobock product. The conviction that quality of life is closely associated with a maximum of individual freedom and independence is a key concept that has been a major influence throughout the company’s 90-year history,” he adds.

“At Pro-Designs we refuse to compromise on top quality, both in our service delivery and our products. Our clients know and appreciate that they are always getting the best value at the best price,” says Jason Oberholster, Pro-Designs Promotional Gifts (Pty) Ltd Sales and Marketing Manager.

“Everyone’s reaction to the Flipper was great. We keep getting more compliments every day,” Scheepers says.