First for Phoenix adds Stratus everRun to its stable

Simon b&w (427x640)First for Phoenix, an African broad based software distributor, has partnered with Stratus Technologies, in a move that will see the company bringing Stratus’ everRun availability and virtualisation software to the local market.

Simon Campbell-Young, CEO of First for Phoenix, says the partnership will expand Stratus’ reach in South Africa and the continent as a whole. “We have offices in several regions in Africa, and are ideally situated to grow the Stratus brand.”

Speaking of the products, Campbell-Young says continuous availability is now a global requirement, and the need for continuously available applications has become more pervasive across all business arenas, and across all sectors, from building automation, to industrial automation and public safety across communities worldwide. He says this demand is being driven not only by the expansion of users, environments, devices and a global economy, but by machine-to-machine communication, “smart” devices and the internet of things where anything and everything can and is being connected.

“As companies battle to grow revenue, lower costs, remain compliant with regulations, and plan for business continuity, the demand for reliable, continuous availability of business critical applications, becomes more and more critical,” he adds.

Brendan Widlake, Business Development Executive of Stratus in SA, says the everRun products help achieve the business continuity and data integrity that is core to success today. “Stratus everRun is continuous availability virtualisation software that prevents downtime, guarantees business continuity and maintains data integrity by keeping applications up and running, easily and affordably.”

Widlake says the solution enables organisations to achieve their business availability plans and meet their SLAs at a lower cost and with better performance than other availability solutions. “It also provides a virtualisation platform enabling businesses to run more applications with less hardware and protects them from downtime to further optimise efficiencies, simplify deployment and maximise investments.”

The software also monitors applications and every component of the system, sending out an alert if a problem should arise, and ensuring immediate action can be taken to head it off. It also provides two levels of availability: fault-tolerant and high availability.

The solution is ideal for business-critical applications in any industry, in any size company, at the network’s edge or in the data centre, adds Campbell-Young. “It is easy to install and run, affordable, and flexible, preventing downtime rather than recovering from it. This means that revenue, costs, customer satisfaction and efficiency rates can only be improved. Its click-and-go installation and centralised management tools need no special skills, and its comprehensive monitoring and notification features are the reasons we call it worry-free computing.”

Widlake explains that First for Phoenix’s excellent network and strong partnerships made the company the perfect partner for expansion into Africa. “First for Phoenix has built a highly efficient distribution network, and is a world-class company with seamless processes, solid infrastructure and corporate governance –important requirements in all our partners.”

Campbell-Young adds that First for Phoenix is thrilled to be adding Stratus to its stable. “everRun is an excellent addition that will complement our current portfolio, and allow us to offer these products to all our African customers, irrespective of where they are based.”