Strato IT Group launches mobile business application

Cassie Lessing (640x632)IT solutions expert, Strato IT Group has launched its first mobile business application, StratoPOD. Aimed at logistics companies and their customers, StratoPOD is one of the first mobile business applications guaranteed to offer an immediate ROI with real-time visibility of delivery operations and digital proof of delivery.


Cassie Lessing, MD, Strato IT Group, says that the company is very excited about the mobile business application and the impact it will have within the logistics sector: “Unlike traditional delivery systems, StratoPOD, because of its innovative digital platform, removes risks, reduces loss and improves delivery time and accuracy via its custom-designed app.”


StratoPOD provides a single, connected system that simplifies and digitises delivery. The solution has been developed using Sybase technology from SAP and provides the highest level of data security. The application is portable over multiple mobile devices and is architected to operate independently or to be integrated with most recognised business technologies. It features a cloud-based data repository that facilitates real-time visibility of goods in transit across all suppliers, customers and logistics operators in the supply chain.


Lessing says that StratoPOD easily transforms any paper-based delivery system to a digitised environment and has already been successfully implemented within one of South Africa’s largest automotive companies: “For this customer we have configured the app to digitise their parts delivery operations and the benefits have been immediate. The app can be configured for any logistics environment and solutions are already in place for packaged materials, bulk materials (stone, coal, fuel and sand) and palletised materials.”


StratoPOD essentially automates the entire documentation process according to Lessing and has laid the foundation for additional app development by the Strato IT Group.