Print is not dying, says PocketMedia Solutions

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Scan to view the new folding machine in action

PocketMedia Solutions – a communication solutions company with a specialised finishing unit, patented machinery and a brand new folding machine which can produce greater quantities, at a faster pace, whilst offering clients the benefit of new technology – continues to see year-on-year growth, despite industry claims that print – as a form of marketing and advertising – is dying.

According to John Davis, the Managing Director of PocketMedia Solutions, “We focus on compact, niche printed marketing and communication solutions which are enjoying an upward growth trend in the market. We are growing because we supply solutions. We are more of an advertising agency than a printer, however, we are very fortunate to have an excellent production arm which can implement the solutions that the sales team sells.”

To keep up with the ever-increasing demand for its products PocketMedia Solutions has expanded its offering to the market and is ensuring even quicker turnaround production times by investing in Herzog Heymann’s latest folding machine, the KL 45, of which there are very few in South Africa.

“The all-purpose machine suits PocketMedia Solutions as it’s able to fold very small products, like our patented Z-CARD that can be produced small enough to fit into a wallet, and our other PocketMedia products. We look forward to ensuring even higher quality products and quicker turnaround times,” says Davis.

PocketMedia Solutions is strong in three areas – production, sales and marketing and design. “We are a full agency and our design work includes anything from online campaigns to print. Many of our customers prefer to use us as we have fast turn-around times,” says Davis.

The company’s growth has ensured that it is investing in the rest of Africa, which is now ready for the various products that PocketMedia has on offer. “In the past we received small orders from various African countries, however, the size of these orders has grown exponentially. We are now receiving orders for over 250000 Z-CARDs at a time,” says Davis.