Organising content intuitively

simon-bw-427x640The way today’s organisations are managing their content isn’t effective or efficient. Businesses are spending millions of rands on legacy ECM software, servers, support and implementation, but still have staff making use of unauthorised tools and solutions.

Simon Campbell-Young, cyber and security evangelist, says there is a solution available that is enterprise scale, and can manage an organisation’s content securely, and deliver a really good user experience. The solution, called, is essentially a modern content management platform that makes it simple to organise content, automate workflows and manage full document life cycles.

“The BoxMobile enterprise content management platform solves challenges, both simple and complex, and can handle simple tasks such as sharing files on mobile devices, to the more difficult processes of data governance and retention,” he explains.

The surge in enterprise mobility means that today’s workers need to work easily with each other, from any device and from any location. “BoxMobile allows them to securely share large files with a simple link or custom URL. They can control access by setting permissions, and enforce password protection. It also features automatic version control, which ensures users have the latest file version on hand, making collaboration seamless and effective. It also saves earlier versions just in case they are needed.”

According to Campbell-Young, BoxMobile also allows users to preview files without having to download them. Users can view more than 120 types of files, including the expected Word, Excel, PDF, AI, EPS and PSD. In addition, users can view and share files, online or offline, and securely share them with their colleagues, customers or third-party partners, on any device, he adds.

The in-document search function ensures that files are never lost, and can be quickly found when needed. “In addition, desktop, web and mobile content can be synchronised. BoxMobile also heralded the demise of scanners, and having to use excessive phone memory. The Box Capture function immediately sends pictures or videos directly to Box.”

With security and control over data being top of mind for today’s executives, the solution also allows access and sharing policies to be easily managed inside and outside the organisation, and at the same time, lowers the risk of data loss through total visibility and central management of files, security, policy and provisioning. Finally, Campbell-Young says with BoxMobile, organisations can build Web and mobile apps more easily and efficiently.

“Box Platform, a content platform-as-a-service, allows companies to bring secure content management and collaboration capabilities to customised Web and mobile apps, all without the need to build or maintain a separate content layer. In this way, businesses can better the content experience for their clients, partners and staff while maintaining enterprise-grade security and regulatory compliance for all their apps,” he concludes.