Book club inspires at Wedge Gardens

Rand Aid’s Wedge Gardens rehabilitation centre has started a book club.

Residents at the centre have responded enthusiastically to the opportunity to share their thoughts on the books they have been reading as well hear other people’s experiences with various genres and authors.

“The book club is voluntary but has attracted dozens of members and as residents join, so others are encouraged to do so too!” says Adél Grobbelaar, Wedge Garden’s manager.

Biographies of sportsmen and entrepreneurs, crime, suspense thrillers and self-help books seem to be the biggest hit and a wonderful exchange of books between residents is happening.

“Cowboys are popular too! There is a renaissance of Louis L’Amour and beaten-up old paperback copies of his westerns are doing the rounds,” says Adél.

The book club provides a healthy distraction from life’s burdens, great entertainment, exposure to critical thinking, better communication skills and, for many, the discovery of refreshing alternative conversation, explains Adél.

“It is also encouraging further engagement with the Wedge Gardens library and greater awareness of libraries in general.

“The enthusiasm of the book club members has prompted the Wedge Gardens kitchen staff to provide sandwiches for the Friday night meetings.”

Guest speakers sought

Book club meetings are held in the library on Wedge Gardens’ premises and writers, journalists, librarians and avid readers are welcome to contact the facility with regard to being a volunteer guest speaker at one of the meetings.

Donations of men’s-interest books, a coffee or study table and comfortable reading chairs will be greatly appreciated. For more information, call 011 430 0320.

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