The CPA sponsors Cannes Young Directors’ Award 2017

The Commercial Producers Association, South Africa (CPA) is pleased to announce that it is one of the sponsors of the Young Directors’ Award at the 2017 Cannes Lions Festival. A platform for young filmmakers to be noticed by top industry professionals, the award is among the most attended Cannes Fringe events, attracting over 400 entries from around the world.

The Young Directors’ Award is aimed specifically at emerging directors; the only Cannes category to recognise beginners rather than established professionals. And this is one of the key reasons for the CPA’s 2017 sponsorship: because developing and recognising new directors is essential to the future of the production industry.

With the explosion of digital, the production market is saturated with up-and-coming creatives who need to be more and more talented to succeed. The Young Directors’ Award provides a platform to raise these directors, fast-tracking opportunities that would otherwise take years to realise. Recent South African winners include Sam Coleman, Wim Steyler, Pieter Hugo, Michael Cleary, Ryan Isted, and Dan Mace, among others.

The CPA also believes that the fundamentals of commercial production (and the values on which they were developed) are in the process of been lost, as these previously niche and critical skills are increasingly absorbed by large corporates.

Through the Young Directors’ Award, the CPA hopes to assist in the revitalisation of these values, shifting production companies from perceived advertising industry service providers to professional creative partners who are inherent to the process.

Although the Young Directors’ Award is international, the CPA notes that the production industry is not limited by geography. Bobby Amm, CPA executive officer says, “South African producers are part of a global market that needs to work together, share resources, and ensure that events like this continue to feed the industry. With the changing advertising and filmmaking landscapes, producers play an integral role in growing, nurturing, developing and mentoring emerging talent from South Africa and across the globe.”