inQuba lauded by CIO Review

These days, technology is everywhere and everyone is connected and thus there’s no excuse for companies not to provide exceptional personalised experiences. And while the industry has focused on using big data to better understand customers, less emphasis has been placed on the other elements essential to creating those exceptional experiences, such as customer navigation paths and their emotional state.


Using Design Thinking principles in its product and providing a dynamic approach to Customer Experience (CX), inQuba is revolutionising how CX initiatives are implemented and employed. The company’s unique approach has resulted in recognition from a number of analyst companies, including Forrester. Most recently, inQuba was listed among the top 20 leading CX companies in the world.


CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Customer Experience Management Solution Providers – an annual collection of the companies that are breaking new ground and changing the face of CX – included inQuba in this year’s list as a result of its ability to dynamically orchestrate meaningful interactions. inQuba’s ability to use the data collected across all touch points and channels achieves far more than just the ability to know the customer better, but allows for the prediction of customer journeys that will lead to failure, and enables interventions with the customer that can guide them back to them achieving their goals.


The company joins established leaders in the field, such as Medallia and Zendesk, on the CIO Review list, but stands head and shoulders ahead of the competition in translating insight into action. “inQuba has developed the platform Dynamic CX that meets [CX] challenges head on. A data-driven and dynamic approach to customer experience management, Dynamic CX is shifting the possibilities of what is possible in real-time customer engagement,” CIO Review states.


According to Trent Rossini, COO and Co-founder of inQuba, the company’s growing list of awards is a gratifying recognition that the company’s approach is not only meeting the needs of the market, but that it is helping to change the industry’s approach to achieving extraordinary CX. “We are honoured to have been included in this year’s 20 Most Promising Customer Experience Management Solution Providers. As a leading international technology publication that has highlighted the importance of CX for a number of years, CIO Review’s inclusion of inQuba on the list is a wonderful acknowledgment that we have achieved a CX solution that is unlike any other platform out there,” he says.


“In today’s digital media age, the customer must come first, and CX has never been more important, particularly in the current competitive environement. The experience a customer has with a brand is the primary driving force in determining their loyalty, not just the brand promose, and that loyalty has a direct impact on a company’s business performance. CX is about more than measuring and analysing data. Understanding the customer’s perspectiveand designing better experiences based on a deep analysis and understanding are key to a truly customer-centric approach. inQuba’s ability to do this, and to orchestrate rich conversations with customers in their channel of choice are just two of the factors that resulted in our inclusion on CIO Review’s notable list.”