Prominent Paints makes Heritage Day better

Alfred Mofokeng is an entrepreneur who comes from a long line of painters and from the age of 12 was educated on all things paint by his late father and uncle who were in the trade at the time.  After a short stint as a security guard – Mofokeng decided to make painting his full time job, starting Universal Sign Writers. Now 16 years on – Mofokeng has become a popular member of the communities where he plies his trade. Best known for painting pavement street numbers to increase their visibility at night – Mofokeng is affectionately referred to as the paint by numbers guy.

Invested in Communities

Impressed with his creative approach to using paint to generate employment for himself and others, and a company that’s passionate about making things better, Prominent Paints has donated 80 litres of paint to the micro-business. The paint company hopes its gesture will give the business a boost; a great way to commemorate Heritage Day and celebrate Mofokeng’s entrepreneurial spirit.

More than just road signs, Mofokeng also paints signs on dustbins, road markings, and residential buildings – interiors and exteriors. When working in complexes he brings in teams of up to 10 people and with more jobs like these, he hopes to achieve his life-long dream of purchasing a car. This he says will enable him to employ the youth in his area so that like him, they too might have the opportunity to learn a skill.

Aligning Brands with People

Grateful for the donation of paint, Mofokeng says, “I always use Prominent Paints – it’s a strong paint and outlasts all the others I have used.”

Mofokeng charges between R150 and R250 for large curbside numbers which he says will last for around three years which is less than R4.50 a day for a residential security feature.

Married with an 11 year old daughter, he and his family live in Thokoza Park and after many years of hard work, he has finally been able to renovate their a home. Mofokeng’s message to the South African youth this Heritage Day is, “Work hard and never give up on your dreams.”