The original Stretch Armstrong is back!

Prima Toys is thrilled to be bringing one of history’s all-time greatest toys, Stretch Armstrong, to the toy shelf. This unique toy – that in 2016 celebrated its 40th anniversary – can be stretched, pulled and even tied in knots. Stretch can be pulled to up to four times his original size. Release him and he uses his amazing strength to slowly return to his normal shape.


Stretch Armstrong might look like any other chiselled action figurine, but he is so much more than that. He is an almost unbreakable toy with limbs that can be pulled in any direction and can then shrink back to their original shape and size when released. Perfect for boys who enjoy super stretchy fun!


“Stretch Armstrong is a toy that brings great joy to older fans, as they may remember him from the 1970s, and he will definitely bring joy to new fans with his malleable shape and strength. This toy can even be tied into knots and he will still bounce back to his normal shape. We predict that he will be on many Festive Season wish lists this year!” says Chiquita Patrizi of Prima Toys.


Ideal for boys aged five and over, the Stretch range of toys includes an array of favourite Justice League figurines such as Batman, Superman and Flash in a large size. The range also includes mini sized figurines such as Mini Stretch Octopus, Mini Stretch Fetch (dog) as well as Mini Stretch Justice League figurines.