Klip Colab Jewellery proud to support Top Dogs therapy

Johannesburg’s business jewel Klip Colab Jewellery and boutique recently participated in a fund-raising event in support of Topdogs, a professional therapy based on interaction with man’s best friend.

Topdogs facilitates and advocates direct contact between dogs that have been evaluated and their human counterparts in need of therapy.

According to event organiser Eloise Mook, the basis of this therapy is the physical stroking of the animal, which is both physically beneficial (exercise) and mentally stimulating. This has a positive impact on the patient and the dog.

“Dogs are evaluated and participate in the programme based on their inherent nature. Older, less active dogs are ideally suited to older people or mentally/physically challenged children, whereas younger more active and playful dogs are ideal for children and outside activities. It just depends and anyone can apply to have their dogs be a part of the programme,” said Mook.

Marina Louw said Klip Colab joined primary sponsor Babylonstoren and sold jewellery along with French linen, silk products from Hoedspruit, paintings from various artists and antique embroidered handbags.

Well-known and exclusive farmyard brand Babylonstoren was the main sponsor and contributed significantly to foodstuffs, with Maranda Engelbrecht’s Babel kookboek garnering a great deal of attention.

“We were delighted to be a part of this very worthy cause. Klip Colab is a leading business that is very much a part of the community. Our heart and purpose is built around this community spirit. The day was a huge success and we sold a lot in support of Topdogs … a big congratulations to all the organisers, contributors, and, of course, our doggie friends!”