Digital Guardian prevents data loss, boosts compliance

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a major risk for most organisations as the number of incidents and the associated costs to businesses continues to grow. Irrespective of whether the incidents are intentionally malicious or careless, data loss can seriously tarnish a company’s brand, lower shareholder value, and impact negatively on the businesses goodwill and reputation.

So says Lauren Wain, General Manager at Credence Security, adding that many organisations do not monitor or control outgoing electronic communications such as email, instant messaging, Web site forms, and file transfers. As a result, they are putting themselves at risk of their proprietary and sensitive information being stolen for malicious purposes.

She says this particularly true when considering the broad adoption of cloud technologies, where data isn’t stored on-premise, and applications and confidential information are entrusted to the cloud.

“The loss or exposure of confidential data can have catastrophic consequences. These can be financial – such as the physical loss of money, or heavy fines being imposed by regulatory bodies. Then there’s harder to measure losses, such as bad publicity, loss of customer confidence, loss of competitive intelligence, and possible legal action. Organisations need to carefully scrutinise all electronic communications to keep intellectual property, sensitive information, credit card data, and other sensitive data safer.”

This is why she says a high-performance intelligent DLP solution is an absolute must for today’s businesses. “Decision makers within the business should look to vendors with the best expertise in content scanning and choose a best-in-class DLP solution, such as Digital Guardian.”

According to Wain, Digital Guardian Cloud Data Protection allows businesses to adopt cloud storage while maintaining the visibility and control they need to comply with privacy and data protection regulations.

Digital Guardian Cloud Data Protection integrates with top cloud storage providers such as Accellion, Box, Citrix ShareFile, Egnyte, and Microsoft to scan file servers, and enable encryption, removal, or other remediation of sensitive data before the file is shared in the cloud. In addition, information that is already being stored in the cloud can be scanned and audited at any time. User data being placed in cloud storage is scanned in real-time to enforce policies before data leaves the businesses’ control.

Wain says it also enables cloud storage security and compliance, as Digital Guardian for Cloud Data Security provides insight and control into data as it moves to the cloud, allowing the business to support and secure this increasingly important data storage resource. “The solution also delivers visibility into cloud data, as it allows administrators to see where data is moving to cloud storage and what, if any, sensitive and regulated data is being moved there, then take immediate and proactive steps, such as automated encryption or quarantining or sensitive documents to ensure compliance.”

The product also promises industry leading accuracy through some incredible features. “Its unique Database Record Matching uses mathematical hashes of the actual data to look for matches when inspecting outbound traffic, and recognises and registers a wide variety of both structured and unstructured data eliminating false positives and false negatives.”

In terms of regulation, she says Digital Guardian for Cloud Data Protection delivers the data protection needed to support all compliance efforts for a company’s sensitive and regulated data in the cloud. “Pre-configured policies for PII, PHI, and PCI, along with the flexibility to create customer policies with our wizard ensure that the information that matters most to the business is protected, and that compliance needs are met,” Wain concludes.