dormakaba defines new business environment at Mastering SAP event

To effectively compete in today’s digital-centric new business environment and data-based economy, companies must integrate adopting automated and ERP certified access and workforce management solutions.

This is one of the main messages that Guenter Nerlich, Executive Manager EAD (Electronic Access and Data) Solutions – Access & Workforce Management of dormakaba, a provider of robust access control solutions with a reputation of over 150 years’ experience and millions of products installed worldwide, will communicate to delegates of the annual Mastering SAP HR and Payroll event in Johannesburg.

The company is a recognised distributor of SAP certified solutions and ERP technology that facilitates and promotes digitalisation.

“Businesses that are serious about competing in today’s commercial environment have to remain customer-focused and use data to understand the customer relationship. This means adopting automated and ERP-certified access and workforce management solutions,” said Nerlich ahead of his presentation at the event scheduled for 12 -14 March at the Hyatt Regency in Johannesburg.

The dormakaba executive will discuss disruptive innovation investment and why it matters, including so-called ‘lighthouse projects’ in all segments.

The company will also use the opportunity to demonstrate its technology and expertise, including innovation in action with SAP certified integrated solutions and b-comm ERP workforce management: take control using personal management screen and dormakaba EACM (Enterprise Access Control Management) innovation.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this high-profile event that speaks directly to those businesses challenged with the digital transformation that is taking place across key business functions, including HR, payroll and security. Our objective is to highlight the advantages of our technology, but also provide a forum for discussion to help identify and outline challenges and opportunities, of which there are certainly a few,” Nerlich added.