Alistair King inducted into the Creative Circle Hall Of Fame

Strong creative leadership is the lifeblood of South Africa’s multi-billion Rand creative industry, and great creative leaders are its driving force. Creative leaders who, like Alistair King, chief creative officer at the King James Group, wake up every morning with the unshakable belief that “there’s still more to be done”. It is this deep commitment to creating the magic that only comes from truly powerful ideas that makes King a more than worthy recipient of the highest accolade the industry can bestow, and why it comes as no surprise that he has been inducted into the Creative Circle Hall Of Fame.

The first to be inducted in ten years, King is revered for his outstanding contribution to the industry he continues to help shape. As a guardian and pioneer of creative levels within the industry, and a beacon of integrity.

“King has gone about building one of the country’s most successful agencies and certainly its most creatively prolific independent.

His independence and maverick attitude has been a gale force of fresh air that has yet to die down,” comments Xolisa Dyeshana, Creative Circle outgoing chairperson.

For King, it has been an emotional week. “Not only because I’ve had to quickly collate my work and look at my own personal creative journey, but because I’ve had to think about the many individuals that pushed and nudged my creative standards higher and higher, on both agency and client side. I’m very grateful to them all. In particular, I have to acknowledge the extraordinary team I work with at King James that have made me look so good over the years. This is a career highlight for me. I’m not sure anything can top this.”

Creatively, King has driven an agenda of smart creative solutions, not cute executions, and this big business thinking has extended beyond his client base and is also evidenced in his strong entrepreneurial spirit and appetite for creative challenges in the worlds of art, music, popular culture and business.

“The mark he has left on the industry – and continues to leave – is a bright one and he is well-deserving of his place in the hallowed Creative Circle Hall Of Fame,” Dyeshana adds.