Baby Secrets – the new collectibles on the block

Surprise! Is it a boy or a girl? Baby Secrets is the brand new collectibles range which features a unique and exciting element – children get to discover if their cute character is a boy or a girl by bathing them in water. The nappy changes colour to either blue or pink to reveal the gender. How is that for a surprise?

Created especially for girls aged four and over, Baby Secrets are the new, adorable toy babies on the block! There are fifty funny characters to collect each with their own cute look and accessory – from bunny ears and bowls worn as a hat to headphones, berets, chef’s hats, mask and snorkel, beanies and glasses. Baby Secrets are fun to collect, swap and display.

“Collectibles are still a huge craze amongst children. They are the perfect pocket money toy and provide hours of fun play, swapping, collecting and displaying. What’s more, Baby Secrets provide a unique twist to the colour change phenomenon,” explains Chiquita Patrizi, spokesperson for Prima Toys.

Baby Secrets Single Pack

Surprise! Is it a boy or a girl? Place in water and watch the nappy change colour to find out. Each single pack includes a baby figure, bathtub and birth certificate so you can name your new arrival. Look out for rare, ultra-rare and limited edition figures to make your collection unique. With 50 funny baby characters to collect you can really build up a beautiful collection. For ages four years and over.


1 baby with colour changing nappy, movable arms and legs
1 bath tub
1 birth certificate
1 collectors guide

Baby Secrets Themed Pack

Have an adventure with the babies with the Baby Secrets Theme Pack! There are 4 theme packs available, including Pram, Rocking Horse, Bassinet and High Chair. Take the Secret Babies for a walk in their Pram, have play time on the Rocking Horse, feed them on the High Chair or rock them to sleep in the Bassinet. Discover each baby’s gender by dipping them in a water-filled bath tub. The nappy will change colour to either blue or pink!

Each pack comes with 2 exclusive babies and a surprise baby. Look out for the Limited Edition Sparkle Baby! Ideal for ages four and over. RSP: R 199.99 available at toy stores and retailers nationwide.


3 babies with colour changing nappy, movable arms and legs
1 accessory
1 bath tub
3 birth certificates
1 collectors guide