Getting SA’s biggest sporting rivals to punt our beer. Legend.

Few sporting rivalries compare to the white-knuckle intensity of cricket tests between South Africa and Australia. When our great nation goes up against the (other) green and gold team from down under, the tension is palpable. Fiercely competitive and deeply patriotic, both on and off the pitch, it’s a stretch to think that the Aussies would ever be caught out publically punting a Saffer beer. Well, think again.

As it turns out, the Aussies share more than just our cricket colours. “While doing some pre-campaign research, we tried looking Newlands up in Google Maps, where more than one popped up. And when one was in Australia, we thought ‘well this could be wonderfully confusing,'” comments Jared Osmond, creative group head at King James Group.

A sneaky opportunity the team at the Newlands Spring Brewing Co. simply couldn’t resist. “What better way to prove just how great our beer is than to ask our nation’s biggest rivals to tell us? And tell us they did. Sure, we may have conveniently forgotten to mention which Newlands the beer really came from, but that didn’t stop the Aussies from enjoying every last sip. Some enjoyed it so much that they went as far as to claim it as their new favourite,” says Nico Stone, brand manager at Newlands Spring Brewing Co.

The response was overwhelmingly positive, as expected. But the reaction when the Aussies were told that their new favourite beer was brewed in Newlands, South Africa and not Newlands, Australia, was absolutely priceless.

“Sorry to pull a fast one on you, Aussies. It was all in the spirit of the game. So, from one legend to another, go and have (another) one on us. Cheers,” Stone adds.

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