Do-It® Hang Tabs – hang, promote and sell

Grabbing shoppers’ attention in the grocery aisle on a crowded supermarket shelf or at the point of purchase is becoming much more challenging, especially when competing against brands with bigger marketing budgets.

Pyrotec PackMedia’s Do-It® range of hang tabs and display strips is ideal for brand owners who are looking for smart and affordable ways to increase the shelf appeal of their products in the retail space. With our range of merchandising solutions, brand owners can enhance brand presence in-store and make their products stand out from the crowd without having to invest heavily in new packaging or costly marketing campaigns.

Why choose Do-It® Hang Tabs and Display Strips?

Boost shelf appeal – Displaying products vertically and face-forward in-store increases brand visibility and awareness.
Maximise display options: Cross-merchandise products within the same aisle.
Maintain product quality: Hang tabs can be used to repair damaged packaging in the store. This reduces waste and increases the likelihood of more products being sold.
Reduce packaging: Hang tabs allow more products to be displayed in the same retail space.
Durable materials: Do-It® Hang Tabs are clear and have various adhesive options available to suit performance requirements. These are FDA-approved for non-food contact.