World Class Action at Land Rover Durban High Goal Polocrosse Tournament

Polocrosse fans are in for a weekend of thrilling equestrian action as some of South Africa’s and the world’s highest ranked players are gearing up for the third Land Rover Durban High Goal Polocrosse Tournament, which will take place at the Durban Shongweni Club between the 22nd and 24th June.


Running each day between 9am and 4pm, the event will showcase the talents of some of the country’s best polocrosse players. There will be four matches daily, two ladies and two men’s, where world-class equestrian’s displays can be expected from national, as well as international players.


Sam Heynes, a member of the Shongweni Polocrosse Committee explained the tournament process; “The High Goal Tournament has eight teams, four men’s and four ladies, which will compete for the top spot. Each team consists of six highly ranked players, each of whom is given a handicap.” Heynes added that the handicap indicated his or her skills level, ranging between 0 (beginner) to 10 (highest ranking).  She said that in a high goal competition, the team’s total combined handicap must average at 45 for men and 26 for ladies.


Similar to last year’s event, the 2018 edition will feature Wild Card players in both the men’s and ladies categories, who will be auctioned off to the highest bidding team at a special black-tie gala dinner on 20th June. The Wild Card feature creates an aura of surprise, as teams can only be finalised on the eve of the competition.


This year’s wildcards are all of South Africa’s top-ranked players, who will be representing the country in next year’s World Cup in Queensland, Australia.


Brent Von Benecke, chairman of the Shongweni Polocrosse Club and event organiser said, “This is a premier event on the South African polocrosse calendar, featuring players of international ranking. Spectators are guaranteed an outstanding weekend filled with nail-biting sporting action.”


Von Benecke highlighted that each team will feature a Wild Card who is a top-ranked South African player who will play in next year’s World Cup.


The men’s wildcards are as follows:


Jannie Steenkamp: With a handicap of 10, Jannie will Captain the South African team at the 2019 World Cup. Hailing from Wellington in the Western Cape, he plays for the Cape Unicorns Polocrosse Club. He has been a part of two World Cup winning teams.


Graham MacLarty: Graham also represented his country in two World Cups. He has a 10-handicap and plays for the Nyati Polocrosse Club in Ladysmith. He was the youngest player, aged 14, selected to play for the South African men’s team in 2009.


Travis Timm: Played for South Africa in two World Cups. Travis has a 10-handicap and also plays for the Nyati Polocrosse Club in Ladysmith.


Retief Steenkamp: Playing for the Cape Unicorns Polocrosse Club, Retief has a handicap of 9 and is brother to the captain Jannie Steenkamp a long standing polocrosse family.


Ladies wildcards:


Jacquie Minnaar: Has a handicap of 6 and plays for the Nyati Polocrosse Club in Ladysmith. She made her international debut at the age of 11.


Celicia Jacobs: Has a 6-handicap and plays for the Arnot Polocrosse Club in Mpumalanga. She has represented South Africa at three World Cups, one as captain.


Caley Higgs: Plays for the Richmond Polocrosse Club. She is a 6-handicap player that has played for South Africa at junior and senior levels, including the winning team for the 2015 World Cup.


Natalie MacLarty: Plays for the Nyati Polocrosse Club in Ladysmith. She has a handicap of 6 and was part of the victorious 2015 South African World Cup team. She has represented the country at both junior and senior levels.


Land Rover Durban will be sponsoring a team in both men’s and ladies categories. The men’s teams are as follows:




Team Land Rover Durban (Handicap 44)

Andrew Heynes (8)

Jimmy Grills (Aus) (8)

Gavin Cocker (8)

Corey Buys (Aus) (8)

Gordon Rae (6)

Chad Von Benecke (6)


Team TWK Agri (Handicap 44)

Stephan Harris (9)

Damien Harris (Zam) (8)

Will Weston (Aus) (8)

James Kent (7)

George Schabort (6)

Glen Haldane (6)


Team Kego Capital (Handicap 43)

Charles Van Wyk (7)

Nico Van Wyk (9)

Attie Van Wyk (9)

Johan De Jager (5)

Rudi Vorster (5)

Mikey Krynauw (Zam) (8)


Team Rokwil (Handicap 43)

James Hackland (8)

Gordon Shaw (8)

Kenan Claassen (5)

Danie Swan (Zam) (8)

John Rae (6)

Jason Webb (UK) (8)


Ladies teams:


Team Evoque (Handicap 28)

Paula Maclarty (4)

Amber Pretorius (5)

Paige Pretorius (4)

Emma Hall (5)

Karen Cocker (4)

Audrey Logan (Zam) (6)


Team Equest (Handicap 28)

Jean Hackland (6)

Elri De Jager (6)

Ashleigh Shaw (4)

Debbie Dick (4)

Emma Dick (3)

Nikki Crook (5)


Team Meru Moru (Handicap 28)

Lucy Grills (Aus) (6)

Lauren Watson (Zam) (6)

Dawnay Jacobs (6)

Caroline Minnaar (4)

Camilla La Grange (3)

Adriana Cilliers (3)


Team Roski (Handicap 28)

Camilla Harris (4)

Charlotte Pykett (6)

Hazel Stanley (4)

Juli Santini (4)

Sandra Weston (Aus) (6)

Tarryn Higgs (4)


The Land Rover Durban High Goal is an event perfect for the entire family. Be sure not to miss out on this action-packed event.  For more information, visit