SearchInform conducted the first series of conferences in South Africa

On 16 – 23 May, “Money Loss Prevention: futuristic security” conferences gathered companies’ executives and information security specialists in South Africa. SearchInform started off in Centurion and a week later the roadshow was brought to Cape Town to introduce experts and managers to the new concept of a DLP system.

The company has embarked on an initiative to promote the innovative solution in the African market. IT security professionals and organisations’ representatives had a chance to speak to each other, share some research and determine most unsafe spots.

The next generation DLP is developed to prevent data leaks, scheming, sabotage in the workplace. The SearchInform speakers have demonstrated to the attendees the technology which analyses employee activities and informs of atypical work processes.

This year SearchInform has already presented its products to Latin America. The recent months have surely been a rewarding experience thanks to the audience and due to an existing concern over internal threats to businesses. The company is proud to be represented by leading information security experts in Argentina, Brazil and South Africa.

The event format has allowed SearchInform to share the company’s expertise and to get feedback from customers and integrators. All the questions posed by the participants and answers obtained during a lively discussion will form the basis for the research the results of which are to be announced in autumn 2018.

“The conference in Cape Town turned out to be more of a Q&A event which let us all create friendly ambience favorable to lively communication between speakers and attendees. There were lots of questions and we were happy to have an ongoing dialogue and pay attention to every concern in detail. The participants appeared to be highly enthusiastic about the new concept presented and many requested for further cooperation. Our presentation was focused on profiling method as well as employee motivation. Weak spots, motives, behavior patterns – that’s where incidents originate from, we want to prevent, not to deal with consequences. Our concept is new and it raised major awareness,” says Sergei Yavchenko, VP of Sales SearchInform