Viva! as Elingo supports SA’s would-be entrepreneurs

The Viva Foundation South Africa is a Mamelodi-based not-for-profit organisation focused on the social and cultural upliftment of informal settlements. It is part of the Impact Mobilisation Department (IMD) of the Hatfield Christian Church.

Founded in 2007 the Viva Foundation is a registered PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) and its mission is to transform informal settlements and other high priority poverty areas into stable and economically viable communities.

Viva Foundation centres its efforts on education, employment, business and recreation.

Elingo is focused on meeting a need for service and solutions within the multimedia contact centre and enterprise IP telephony.

Elingo has served as a reliable support partner and contributor towards the work done by the Viva Foundation for many years.

As a front-running technology services provider Elingo has a vested interest in helping to ensure skills development and support budding entrepreneurs and supports the establishment of Viva Foundations service hubs within informal settlements.

Henning Lange, Chief Information Officer at Elingo, says the company is proud of its track record of support for Viva Foundation and believes the organisation is making a real difference to South Africa’s fledgling workforce, and the surrounding environments.

“We believe in the work that Viva Foundation continues to do, and we have seen first-hand how informal settlements are changing, and how people’s lives are also changing. The only way that South Africa can grow and truly develop, is if there is sufficient and sustainable investment in its youth,” Lange adds.

Elingo affirms its commitment to this organisation and its effort to build South Africa, and is pleased to continue to contribute towards the empowerment and training of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.