Elingo supports Legacy Community Development

Elingo has named Legacy Community Development based in Kayamandi, a suburb of Stellenbosch in the Western Cape, as one of its corporate social investment projects of choice.

Legacy Community Development plays a critical role in its community and runs several initiatives including an afterschool centre, a childhood development programme, a primary school development programme, a teenage outreach programme, a learnership programme for Grade 11 students, and a career guidance initiative.

“What started from humble beginnings in 2001, has grown into a cornerstone of the Kayamandi community. We are passionate about building our community and providing children as well as adults with the support they need. A core focus of many of our programmes is to provide people with the skills to become employable in a digital society,” says Louise Fourie, MD of Legacy Community Development.

For Henning Lange, CIO at Elingo, the passion and commitment shown by Legacy Community Development and the work it does in Kayamandi made it a natural choice for the organisation.

“As a provider of world-class ICT solutions tailored with best practice local knowledge and expertise, Elingo values and praises the work done by Legacy Community Development. Its 360-degree approach towards the wellness development of children, teenagers, and adults reflect our own approach when it comes to solutions development,” says Lange.

Fourie says the growth behind Legacy Community Development can be attributed to an organic process reflecting the needs of the community.

“Our programmes are run by permanent staff members, but are also linked to the passion, skills, and gifts of volunteers. The programmes are built on the seven core values – care, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, good citizenship, and faith,” she says.

Her dream for Legacy Community Development is to see how it can play a bigger role in bringing people together.

“We have worked hard to establish ourselves as a trusted and safe environment for our community. And because we are striving to overcome the challenges that exist in Kayamandi, the community members have become key partners in our growth. Thanks to the support of Elingo, we will be able to continue to enhance our offerings and programmes,” says Fourie.

“Elingo is excited to be involved with Legacy Community Development and applaud how it reaches all people of the community. It is all about taking the journey together and providing inspiration to those around it,” adds Lange.

For more information on Legacy Community Development, please visit www.legacykayamandi.com.