South African Bank a European Data Heroes Award Winner

The IBM Cognitive Honors award is for an individual or organisation that has proven instrumental in establishing an advanced machine learning model in a traditional environment. Judged by a panel of industry experts including Bernard Marr, bestselling author and Big Data expert and Philip Carnelley, IDC speaks to its prestige.

Standard Bank is building, testing and deploying machine learning models with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and complete with open source data science workbench and automation. This is only the beginning of the journey and the acknowledgement and global recognition is a welcoming surprising.

“We are incredibly proud of being a part of Hortonworks partner in South Africa. The project was an exciting one and significant for our local market. It illustrates the effectiveness of HDP in the data-rich environment of the digital age,” says Muggie van Staden, MD at Obsidian Systems.

HDP includes Apache Hadoop and is used for storing, processing, and analysing large volumes of data. The platform is designed to deal with data from many sources and formats.

The Standard Bank team presented in Berlin, Germany on 19 April 2018: “To win this award at the DataWorks Summit is a testament to the commitment from the Standard Bank leadership team and collaboration with innovative technology partners. DWS is one of the world’s premier big data community events and we were humbled to join an elite group of organisations that have received such significant industry recognition.”