Mitel’s acquisition adds clout to Elingo’s offering

Johannesburg-based ICT and cloud solutions leader Elingo is pleased to announce that its value proposition has been strengthened following the acquisition of ShoreTel by Mitel.

Elingo, a former accredited partner of ShoreTel, focused on remote management and multi-site architecture, now leverages the benefit of Mitel/ShoreTel’s vision, scale of solutions – all of which is recognised by international research company Gartner.

This aligns perfectly with Elingo’s strategy to dominate service delivery to the customer interaction market.

Paul McIntyre, Chief Sales Officer at Elingo, said there is no risk or issue for Shoretel customers. “We actually invite Shoretel users to join us at our event unpacking the way forward with Mitel, and what Elingo will be offering in the journey going forward, long-term. There is huge value to be derived from the joint operations, and the technology roadmap is impressive, so customers are in good hands, looking into the future.”

And the future looks bright for Elingo customers. McIntyre says the market development strengthens the company’s offerings.

“Through engagement and scoping of business requirements, we can now offer IP Telephony solutions, unified communications, mobility and contact centre architectures to existing Mitel customers and to new customers, our solutions are based on market leader vendors.”

Exposure to a wider solution portfolio will stand Elingo’s customers in good stead, as the demand for cloud services continues to grow.

McIntyre confirms that there is significant interest in cloud services in South Africa. “It has become a understood solution and improved connectivity has definitely facilitated the fast tracking of customers adopting cloud.”

Hosted growth

As an established service provider with an extensive solution range, Elingo is ahead of the curve when it comes to infrastructure and service adoption and integration.

McIntyre says there is growth in the hosted space, with increasing interest in on-premise as a means of controlling infrastructure.

Elingo will always lead with understanding the business requirements of a customer, and position how cloud could be in the roadmap, and evaluate the business benefits of premise versus cloud he adds.

In a service-centric market that depends on partnership to acquire agility, it is important to evaluate the technical strength of potential service providers.

McIntyre warns the market to seek out a solutions partner with strong technical and support capabilities. A proven track record, installed solutions and experience are priceless he says.

“Partner status with OEM, will also be a good indication of commitment and investment. Thought leadership and domain knowledge are always a good way of evaluating a potential solutions partner, are they displaying knowledge and investment in the product and solution sets they represent? This can be seen by market engagement, white papers and events,” McIntyre explains.