Discover how your perceptions can change your career and your life

Howard Feldman reveals the value of non-verbal communication in shifting personal barriers and building a better future.

Howard Feldman, one of South Africa’s top writers, speakers and analysts, has opened his incredibly successful Power of Perception seminar to the public. The event provides attendees with highly engaging and powerful insights that will change how they engage with others and themselves by enhancing their understanding on non-verbal communication skills. 

“By unlocking the value of non-verbal communication, you unlock the ability to shift a meeting towards the best possible outcome,” says Howard Feldman. “In this talk, I will showcase how you can identify the hidden signs of communication so you can improve the quality of your professional and personal relationships.”

The exclusive event will provide attendees with hands-on insight and expertise that can be applied in practical, real-world settings. The goal is to walk out of the talk with a clear understanding of body language, the impact it has and how to interpret it to your advantage.

The event will take place on Sunday 21 October at 138 Athol Street in Highlands North. To book a seat, visit the website [] or the Facebook page [].


ABOUT Howard Feldman

Howard Feldman is a businessman, philanthropist and social commentator. He is a commodity trader with a secret passion for writing and literature – something he tells no one about. He holds the position as Chairman of the Board of the SAJR, the only weekly Jewish focused newspaper in South Africa.

He is unashamedly Jewish, unashamedly South African, and unashamedly supportive of Israel. He is married to Heidi and has 5 children who he loves all the time but likes most of the time. He even has a daughter in law.

Aside from being an eternal businessman, he also enjoy being a weekly guest columnist on News24 and I host the daily afternoon Drive show on Chai FM, a local radio station. He has also been the non-Executive Chairman of the South African Jewish Report for the past 4 years and have seen the financial turnaround of the paper into a viable publication.

His real passion is people,  making connections and growing businesses into sustainable, healthy and exciting families.