Debonairs Pizza launches ‘Dezemba’ campaign

The festive season is upon us. And as we get ready to let our hair-down and kick our feet up, Debonairs Pizza rolled up its sleeves one last time to launch a meal that would make this year’s festive a little more ‘feast-ive’ – without breaking the bank, of course.


“We briefed the agency to capture the spirit of November/December where South Africans get into the festive spirit, forget their woes for a time and go big,” said Famous Brands Marketing Executive, Toni Joubert.


And so, in response to the season where everyone is prepared to be ‘extra’, Debonairs Pizza and its agency FCB Joburg endeavored to make a meal that did the same. Introducing Ke Dezemba Box – a large Triple-Decker®, an extra side of your choice and an extra 1.5 litre Coke – all because ‘tis the season to be extra.


The advertising campaign for this perfect-for-sharing meal was put forward by FCB Joburg’s creative team of Creative Director and Copywriter Mbeu ‘Snooze’ Kambuwa, Art Director Luzuko Witbooi and Copywriter Sandile Hamilton.


From the product name to the campaign execution, the idea was designed to celebrate the South African spirit of Ke Dezemba Boss, a time where people get together and get down. The team felt that Debonairs Pizza’s Ke Dezemba Box was the perfect meal to tell this story, as it boasts a range of extras and is perfectly portioned for sharing.


The ad takes the viewer on a journey through Durban Beachfront all the way to a ‘vibey chillaz’ overlooking a Joburg skyline.  Featuring numerous scenes of contrasting South Africans’ every day approach to their ‘go big’ approach during the festive season. For example, there’s a beautiful girl getting ready for a date. The voice-over announces ‘Dezemba!’ and the shot shows her dressed to the nines all sparkly and fine, ready for her Dezemba date.


Bevan Cullinan and Ian Difford of Picture Tree and Hungry Films directed the ad respectively, and post production was handled by Orchestra Blue.


You can view the full TVC here:



Client: Famous Brands

Brand: Debonairs Pizza

Marketing Executive: Toni Joubert

Marketing Manager: Monica Sithole

Brand Manager: Pamela Makhalemele

Brand Manager: Aobakwe Lelaka

Creative agency: FCB Joburg

Business Unit Director: Mogani Naidoo

Account Director: Kefilwe Khanda

Account Executive: Kaylyn Naicker

Chief Creative Officer: Ahmed Tilly

Creative Director: Snooze Mbeu Kambuwa

Copywriter: Sandile Hamilton and Snooze Mbeu Kambuwa

Art director: Luzuko Witbooi

Traffic Manager: Theresa Selema

Strategic planner: Sandiselwe Gamede & Katherine Anousakis

TV production: Vernadi Simpson

Media planners: Jedd Cokayne & Sulize Janse Van Vuuren- The Media Shop

Production companies: Picture Tree and Hungry Films

Directors: Bevan Cullinan; Ian Difford

Editor: Orchestra Blue Post Production

Post-production: Orchestra Blue Post Production