Three fun fashion trends for 2019: What will walk off runways and waltz into our closets?

By: Kumari Govender

No one ever gets predictions right. Because no one has a crystal ball. But they’re intriguing nevertheless. And sometimes, just sometimes, you are granted the privilege of hitting the nail (or the trend) on the head. It’s that time of the year again when I look at my social media comments, take inspiration from runway rages and peek into the mind of Li Edelkoort to bring you my version of what we’ll be wearing next summer. Here goes:


#1: Animal Prints

Yeah…this one is not a shocker. Our love for all things animal prints will persist. In fact, I may be so bold as to say that the affair is about to spice up.

Expect heavy dollops of afro inspired abstracts peppered with the animal prints. The round shapes of hippos, the svelte lines of panthers and even the rough, crinkly texture of rhino skin will be “in”.

So, if you were contemplating throwing those leopard prints out, hold on to the loot. Wear in moderation and you shall never run afoul of the fashion police.


#2: Femininity

Ever since Goop created a splash (rather controversial splash) with the advocation of Yoni Eggs, the sacred feminine has moved from the New Age circles to come dine with practical fashionistas.

Trend meters are abuzz with the news that “goddess” is the new black.

What can you expect from this twist?

Flowy dresses, flats – fringed with feathers or just plain luxe with the bold logo of your favourite luxury brand, and forgiving silhouettes will beckon you from the pages of Vogue.

At least you’ll be about six inches closer to the ground and a heck of a lot more comfortable. I’m watching this one closely.


#3: Neon 

Not just any neon, mind you. The 2018 hangover of “space love” will get a makeover. We are talking Alien neon. The pastels are quaking in their palettes.

Makeup lines have already embraced the vibrancy. It is time for a sartorial take-over.

Yellows that put the mustards to shame, pinks that are unapologetically cornea blasting and lime greens that are sour to the eye; colours will rule 2019.

I’ll also honour mention over-sized hats, tight pleats and sequins.


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