Obsidian confirms platinum sponsorship of DevConf ZA 2019

Leading provider of Open Source technology and services Obsidian Systems has confirmed its Platinum Sponsorship of the DevConf ZA event in Cape Town on 26 March 2019 and in Johannesburg on 28 March 2019.

The community-driven and developer focused DevConf ZA has been organised to provide software developers with the tools, practices and principles required to address existing and emerging challenges within the South African software development environment.

It is an established forum to empower software developers with insight into the latest technologies and trends, as well as pragmatic advice on how best to handle the challenges of working in large enterprise systems.

Among the speakers lined up for the event is Clifford de Wit, CTO and co-founder of a new digital business within the Metrofile group, Dexterity Digital. He will present on the age of the modern developer.

DevOps lead at Obsidian Systems Karl Fischer will present a discussion at the event entitled Where Test-driven development and infrastructure as code have a love child.

In the run-up to the presentation and by way of introducing the topic, Fischer said with the advent of composable infrastructure or infrastructure as code, there is a need to focus more on getting reproducible systems as opposed to a patchwork of chaos.

“Using test-driven techniques we can create and implement reliable, repeatable infrastructure,” said Fischer.

Obsidian Systems MD Muggie van Staden said the software development space is changing rapidly, particularly in markets like South Africa.

The company looks forward to making its mark on the event and using the opportunity to network with other service providers and business owners within the competitive open source and enterprise software development environment.

Topics on the agenda include cloud, the art of developer maintenance, mob programming and programming for accessibility, among others.

DevConf traditionally attracts 800 delegates in Johannesburg and 350 in Cape Town, with tickets selling out quickly. For more information, visit https://www.devconf.co.za/