Subz Pants and Pads offers extensive range of reusable hygiene wear for all ages

After successfully designing the country’s first reusable sanitary range – Subz Pants and Pads – the organisation’s founder, Sue Barnes, is expanding the Subz brand with the inclusion of reusable nappies, maternity and incontinence wear.


“We’ve noticed that the market is really embracing the sustainable option of hygiene wear and the demand for alternatives has increased,” explained Barnes. “The Subz range can be washed and reused, making every product environmentally friendly and cost effective. The design also ensures maximum comfort for the user at all times.”


Barnes created the Subz Pants and Pads menstrual management kit – which includes panties and clip-on pads with a sealable bag – to meet the monthly needs of young, school-going women. She was driven to create this sustainable, economic option when she learned that South African schoolgirls were missing valuable class time as they could not afford sanitary pads. Through her non-profit extension, Project Dignity, Barnes and her team have donated thousands of packs to schools around the country and further afield.


The Subz sanitary pad range now also includes a self-clipping pad in standard and large sizes for women, as well as the ‘butternut’ size suitable for incontinence. These work for monthly menstruation needs as well as post-birth maternity requirements, keeping moms comfortable and secure. The pads are available in sensible black and– with proper care – can last the user anywhere from three to five years.


The Subz hygiene range for the elderly is ideal for both men and women with a limited income as they provide sufficient absorption for those suffering from incontinence, and will last the user up to five years. Depending on the individual’s need, Subz offers the butternut pad and clip-on underwear, or the self-clipping butternut pad, as well as a range of discreet adult nappies.


Moms are also discovering the incredible benefits – and particularly cute look – of the Subz cloth nappy range. These completely washable nappies are available in a variety of attractive colours and patterns, keeping the little ones happy and dry until they are potty trained. Every nappy is made from natural materials, so there is no risk of irritation to the skin.


“The reality is the environment cannot continue to support disposable hygiene wear any longer and reusable products are the responsible choice,” said Barnes. “While the initial cost might be a little more, the long-term savings are substantial. Users are also secure in the knowledge that they won’t be caught off-guard, having to rush out to the shops to buy hygiene wear, as it’s always readily available.”


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