Unique media marketing seminar to uplift KwaZulu-Natal businesses

As technological advancements rapidly change business productivity and communication options globally, Durban and KwaZulu-Natal entrepreneurs may be heading for deep water, without the right marketing tools. 


Experienced Public Relations (PR) consultant, Olivia Jones Symcox, and seasoned journalist of 15-years, Sheetal Cross, are cautioning businesses against lagging behind, while the world moves forward with new methods of brand communication.


In a unique public offering, the PR-Journalist duo will be providing an impactful two-hour seminar advising entrepreneurs and other organisations on how to garner mainstream media attention for their businesses and enhance their brands on a limited budget. The seminar takes place on the 26th March, at The Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 892 Umgeni Road, Durban.


“South Africa is an amazing breeding ground for small, micro and medium enterprises. It is saddening to see so many entities fail, owing to a lack of marketing finance, when there are other ways to promote their brand on a minimal or sometimes, even zero budget,” said Cross, a Sunday Tribune Columnist.  


Symcox, a PR consultant with 17-years of industry experience will speak into the importance of PR. She has managed a number of high-profile campaigns, working with some of the country’s leading corporates over the years.


Cross, who established a 100%, Women-Owned, Level 1 BBB-EE media company called TITANIUM MEDIA SOUTH AFRICA (TMSA), to facilitate Black Economic Media Empowerment  Programmes for businesses, will be discussing various media aspects. She is currently finishing her Masters in Journalism at the Durban University of Technology (DUT) and presents DSTV’s Trace Sports Stars International.