Redstor gives you a real-time data availability solution

Data management company Redstor offers a secure, real-time data management solution that provides organisations with access to all their data irrespective of the device used.

“Data management in the digital world requires a new perspective on what availability must entail. Companies need always on access to their data, but even more importantly, users need to directly search and access that from wherever they have internet connectivity. In such a competitive environment, downtime and unavailability are things that cannot be allowed to happen,” says Heidi Weyers, General Manager for Sales at Redstor.

Security incidents, data breaches, and hardware failures all contribute to reduced productivity, increased budgets, and customer churn. And even though the cloud has mitigated some of these risks, data has become more fragmented given the number of platforms available to companies.

“The Redstor data management solution provide companies with an ideal way to unify backup and recovery, archiving, business continuity, and disaster recovery. This provides visibility and streamed, on-demand access to all organisational data, regardless of where it is stored.”

Furthermore, this centralised view of company data from a single control centre, frees up IT personnel to focus on more strategic business challenges. Its ease-of-use when it comes to deployment and ongoing management, improves business efficiency.

“In the connected business environment, companies need to quickly respond and recover from any disaster. The Redstor value proposition in this new solution is such that we provide instant recovery, so the organisation can continue with operations following any data crisis.”

An essential component of any data availability solution is the security of it. Given the increasing threat to sensitive data, companies are under pressure to ensure that anything they store is safeguarded against malicious users. According to the FBI, more than 4 000 ransomware attacks occur daily. Fortunately, the Redstor approach integrates all aspects of cyber security in its solutions to provide the necessary peace of mind to decision-makers.

Its archiving functionality empowers businesses to offload data to a secure cloud platform. Because this is automated, there are no delays in accessing any of the archived data. Redstor complies with all legislative requirements including the ability to securely erase files from within backup and archive environments should the need arise.

“This is the future of data management. Redstor is disrupting what people have come to expect from availability and are now offering a true real-time availability solution.”