Renishaw Hills shares six things no one tells you about getting older

There’s a certain stigma that surrounds growing older centred on misconceptions about creaking joints, constant boredom and fewer friends. But at Renishaw Hills, residents are much more likely to discover the overwhelming positives associated with the golden years. Here are 6 positives residents can look forward to:


1. It’s easier to make decisions


What’s that old saying about age being linked to wisdom? While that’s probably true, something else that’s linked to getting older is the confidence to make decisions. Drawing on life lessons and experiences, older individuals are able to execute better decision-making skills. Research has shown that some areas of cognitive functioning actually peak in the later years of life.


2. You care less about what people think


Most people spend a great deal of time worried about the thoughts of others. As people age, they learn to become more content with themselves and more accepting of the fact that they can’t change or save everyone. In the later years, it’s evident that no matter what an individual does, it’s simply impossible to please everyone. This makes it easier to pursue personal interests and hobbies without any concerns. 


3. Quality starts to trump quantity


Although our materially-driven world dictates the more one has the happier one is, the reality of the consumerist nonsense is much more evident later on. There is no point in frivolous purchases that just end up cluttering the home. Older residents have already accumulated their most cherished possessions and, as a result, understand that people actually don’t need too much to live well. It’s all about minimalism – quality items over quantity.


4. You wear your wrinkles with pride


Age will undoubtedly replace that youthful glow with a few wrinkles and some aches, but these are viewed as a triumphant symbol of a life well spent, rather than something that needs to be hidden away. Mature residents are aware that, a long life is actually a gift – something many friends and family along the way were unable to achieve, so it’s worth celebrating this in their honour. The individual’s wrinkles represent a life of interesting stories – and no two are the same!


5. You reach a new level of respect for your own parents


Growing up, parents can present all manner of hassles and embarrassments for their children – no matter how old they are! The beauty of aging is that you get to return the favour! Through this journey, it’s much easier to become empathetic with one’s parents and acknowledge the difficulties they had to face, raising children and caring for grandchildren. Aging just brings everyone closer together!


6. A supportive community is key


As people age, they discover the need for an inclusive community. Nobody wants to be alone, and this is the perfect time to discover like-minded individuals, or even build relationships with those who’ve had vastly different experiences. It’s a time for shared wisdom and relaxed enjoyment.


At Renishaw Hills, the extensive social calendar ensures there is always something to do, with a variety that suits all tastes. There are extensive support structures in place to facilitated services needed during retirement, and a friendly team always on-hand to help.


“We’re entering an exciting time where people are remaining active in their later years, pursuing interests they didn’t have time for when working, and seeking as many new adventures as possible,” explained Phil Barker, managing director of Renishaw Property Developments, developers of Renishaw Hills, a mature lifestyle development on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast. “Residents at Renishaw Hills have reported improved energy levels and an enhanced overall quality of life. We put this down to the incredible facilities, outdoor nature trails and communal activities, all designed to cater towards an active, healthy lifestyle.”


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