“Little creatures in your garden” – Talk at Crocworld Conservation Centre

On Saturday 18 May, Crocworld Conservation Centre will be hosting well-known pastor, photographer and snake-catcher, Warren Keith Dick, as part of its monthly lecture series. The event, which commences at 09h00, includes an Early Bird Breakfast, and will be held at the Fish Eagle Café. For a minimal cost of R50.00, guests will also have access to the Centre’s vast reptile and bird sanctuaries, enjoy breakfast and the talk.


Dick’s talk on Garden Creepy Crawlies entitled “Little Creatures in Your Garden” is based upon his vast experience in photographing small creatures. “Through my photography I love to bring awareness to people about the thousands of small things found in nature, and even right in your back yard, if you would just take the time to look,” he said.


An amateur herpetologist and entomologist, Dick is also a self-taught photographer. His pictures of minute creatures have been published locally and globally, and he writes a weekly column “Nature’s Calling” in the local Southland Sun newspaper.


“My passion for snakes and other reptiles came naturally with my curiosity about small creatures. It has taken many hours and lots of patience to perfect the art of photographing small things,” he said.


Dick believes that education is better than eradication, and that everything was made for a specific purpose. “Once we realize the purpose of something, we become far less fearful and far more tolerant of it,” he added.


“Our area is blessed with a unique and rich blend of fauna and flora, and a person with Warren Dick’s experience, will surely enlighten the audience with his tremendous knowledge, especially when exploring creatures which seem small, but play an intricate part of the ecosystem,” said Martin Rodrigues, manager of Crocworld Conservation Centre.


Registration for the talk is at 08h30. For more information or to make a booking, contact Morne van Zyl at the Fish Eagle Café on 083 658 7073 or email mvanzyl@cbl.co.za. Alternatively contact Martin Rodrigues on 078 484 1859 or Crocworld Conservation Centre on 039 976 1103.