41507 Treasure X S2 Sgl Pk 18pc CDU

Join the Quest for Treasure X Dragon

Hunting for treasure has always been an exciting game for children. Now Treasure X has launched a brand new reason to excavate – Treasure X Dragon!

Especially for boys who enjoy the thrill of the treasure hunt, Treasure X Dragon is the ultimate surprise collectible with a multi-layered reveal process, cool figures, and the chance to find real treasure. Children can dig, scrape, scratch, rip and ooze to reveal the layers and discover the secrets within.

The toy is designed to engage all the senses, adding to the fun element of the discovery process. The Dragon’s Eye will help to decipher the secrets on the map – a very necessary part of the process that will help in finding the treasure and building the dragon. The Dragon’s Heart contains ooze and within the ooze another treasure! Hidden within some of the toys are real gold-dipped items. Who will be amongst the lucky few to find them?

Treasure X Dragon is packed with ten levels of adventure and discovery. With 8 dragons to find and collect, Treasure X Dragon presents the latest, coolest adventure in collectible toys for boys. What’s more, the ooze is re-usable and adds to the fun.

Each Treasure X Dragon contains:

1 x Rock Vessel

1 x Dragon Eye

1 x Dragon Figure

1 x Dragon Heart Vessel

1 x Treasure Item

1 x Pick Tool

1 x Storage Blister/Stand

1 x Ooze

1 x Map/Collector’s Guide