dormakaba, Africa’s premier supplier of quality access control solutions

dormakaba, a leading global provider of smart access solutions and internationally recognised brand, was established after a ground-breaking industry merger between dorma and kaba – the company has presence in over 130 countries, including strong presence in Africa and is now the supplier of choice to businesses in key industries.

The merger represents a collective 150 years of experience in security and reliability.

dormakaba is a 16 000-employee strong business that is partner-centric and technically proficient. It has the skills, experience, resources and knowledge to add value to the continent’s dynamic digital journey, incorporating the very best globally recognised access control and security solutions from a single source.

It has successfully entrenched its reputation as a single trusted source of smart and secure access control solutions to financial, hospitality, residential, utilities /telecoms, production facilities, airports, commercial offices, education, retail and healthcare, among others.

Executive leadership of the company believes the company’s product portfolio is so strong that it literally caters for every requirement in commercial security.

Alongside the dorma and Kaba brands, the dormakaba Group’s portfolio contains a number of other valuable brands.

Registered brands of dormakaba Group:

Access Solutions: dormakaba®, Kaba®, DORMA®, Com-ID®, Ilco®, La Gard®, LEGIC®, SAFLOK®, Silca®, Kilargo® Farpointe Data®, Best®, Madinoz®, La Gard®;

Key & Wall Solutions: Silca®, Ilco®, Advanced Diagnostics®, Modernfold®, Dorma Hüppe®, Skyfold®

The company’s portfolio covers every facet of access and security control in physical structures including door hardware, entrance systems, electronic access & data, interior glass systems, mechanical key systems, lodging systems, safe locks, key systems, movable walls and services.

At the heart of dormakaba’s expansion and service delivery is the consistent focus on research and development.

To date the company is investing between 4 – 5% of its annual turnover in innovation and product development.

What will innovative access solutions look like in 2025? How will digital transformation influence the security industry? Design Thinking tackles these types of questions – to create new ideas or develop an alternative solution.

For dormakaba, Design Thinking is not just a process, but rather a mindset … a culture of innovation with the potential to solve problems. The method is classically described as design-oriented process – ideas are illustrated and the first new products are visualised with prototypes.

dormakaba’s solutions are based on a modular design, which means that they are developed with subdivision and segmentation in mind. Systems are separated into smaller modules that can be autonomously created and then used in various other systems.

This offers up a number of advantages to designers, it allows for an independent development approach that fosters creativity and inspires focused development. Modular design equals efficiency in utilisation and development through reuse.

dormakaba believes its unwavering commitment to innovation, its understanding of next-generation access control and its flexible, modular, single-source tech model sets it apart within Africa’s high-growth access control and digital security market.