Breaking away from reporting, embracing predictive, prescriptive analytics

To lead with data in the digital age, today’s businesses must blaze trails daily. The key is to break away from archaic and static business reporting, favouring predictive, prescriptive analytics. The result is end-to-end data management and analytics solutions built to transform the entire organisation. In an era driven by information, the ability to explore the hidden relationships within data is a key differentiator in every market, leading to insights that ignite great ideas.

Having recently taken over the helm as Managing Director at SA Qlik (formerly South Africa Qlik Master Reseller), Krinesan (Kree) Govender has been fascinated with the development of mechanics, business and technology since the tender age of 12. “How can one not be enamoured by the evolution of technology? With so much innovation, what drew me to SA Qlik is its commitment to moving away from reporting to predictive and prescriptive analytics – all with an integrated and strategic approach.”

When considering how the world has changed over the last decade, it’s no wonder that business intelligence (BI) is playing a critical role in modern business strategies. “Our business strategy has evolved in the last few years. The key to business success is never to remain static. We must keep innovating and evolving to stay current, relevant and valuable to our customers. As Qlik globally own the data journey from raw (source) to insights, it offers unique value, despite the high level of competition in the BI market,” confirms Govender.

With an impressive array of certifications, qualification and work experience, Govender was promoted from his position as Sales Director to Managing Director. He focusses on developing his team, with a view to deliver on business imperatives across software sales, professional services, managed services, training, support, operations and marketing for Africa and South Africa.

To achieve this, Govender’s strategy is simple: “Execute flawlessly and delight customers. With this strategy, our team will be doubling down on customer satisfaction. This isn’t possible without satisfied, purpose-driven staff. Our employees are encouraged; they understand and support our vision and they derive fulfillment from their work. This leads to a level of passion that filters to our customers. My strategy is to focus on these two elements, knowing that the revenue will then take care of itself.”

Govender believes that “Leadership is an opportunity to serve. It is not a trumpet call to self-importance” – a phrase coined by J Donald Walters. His approach to leadership is twofold: to align SA Qlik with the greater iOCO brand blueprint; and to develop himself as a servant leader that constantly focuses on what it is his customers and employees need. “I truly believe that, if I lead my team to honour and love their customers and put their outcomes first, the rest will follow.”

As the organisation emerges from a challenging phase of stasis, the team has enjoyed unprecedented loyalty from its customers. “We are grateful to our customers for standing firm in their commitment to SA Qlik, as we have maintained our commitment to them. This demonstrates the impact seen, the relationships built and the value derived. Rest assured, there is much more of this to come!” concludes Govender.