Fearless local adventurer brings venomous visitors to Crocworld Conservation Centre

South African YouTube sensation and local wildlife enthusiast, Dingo Dinkelman visited Crocworld Conservation Centre in Scottburgh recently, where he was filming for his upcoming YouTube series, ‘World’s Most Dangerous Snakes’.

One of the snakes included in the series will be a Black Mamba which was Crocworld Conservation Centre’s captive specimen used for filming in one of the episodes. The 38-year-old Hillcrest resident also brought with him a Coastal Taipan, considered to be the third most venomous snake on earth.

“It was great having Dingo back at Crocworld Conservation Centre and such an awesome opportunity to work with the Coastal Taipan,” said Martin Rodrigues, Centre Manager of Crocworld Conservation Centre.

“Neither myself, nor James Wittstock (Crocworld Reptile Curator) have had the opportunity to handle this specific snake before, although we have previously worked with the Papua New Guinea Taipan. Dingo is a regular at Crocworld and will no doubt be back to visit some of the centre’s inhabitants in the near future.”

Dingo grew up in nature, with his father in the employ of the Parks Board, he had the opportunity to engage with wildlife a little more than most. After working for just over a decade as a life and investment broker, he followed his passion back into wild five years ago, getting involved in the conservation of endangered species, anti-poaching campaigns and, of course, dangerous rescues.

“There is something intrinsically good about being in nature and I believe that if we can create and foster a love for animals and our natural world in people now, we can make a long-term difference to conservation,” explained the adventurer.

Winning the Cell C Break the Net YouTube competition and a Discovery Channel Filmmakers award launched his filming career, and he now runs one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in South Africa, gathering more than 150 000 subscribers in less than a-year-and-a-half.

When not filming deadly encounters, the father of three also hosts holiday clubs and performs educational talks at schools. He has plans for an interactive animal park for rescued animals based in KwaZulu-Natal, and is currently shooting his latest YouTube series which focuses on the globe’s 10 most dangerous snakes.

He will undoubtedly return to Crocworld again in the New Year, to visit the team and any new residents: “I always enjoy spending time with the team at Crocworld. The highlight of my recent visit was definitely working with the big Black Mamba – he is a magnificent snake and I look forward to our next encounter!”

For more information about Crocworld Conservation Centre, visit www.crocworld.co.za, @CrocworldCC on Twitter, ‘Crocworld Conservation Centre’ on Facebook or ‘CrocworldCC’ on Instagram. You can support Dingo by subscribing to his YouTube channel @Dingo Dinkelman or by following him on Instagram and Facebook @Dingo Dinkelman.