More moves at Independent Media

Independent Media has used the challenges that beset the media sector in 2019 to create number of excellent changes that will set the Group up for a sterling 2020.  On the back of several new editorial appointments, Independent Media today announced that Jade Otto is the new editor of Weekend Argus Saturday while its sister company, Content Nation Media, revealed the appointment of Nontando Mposo, as the new editor in chief of Glamour magazine, following the departure of Ayanda Sizani last month.

Jade joined Independent Media as an intern at the Cape Argus more than a decade ago. She progressively moved through the newsroom, holding several positions at the Cape Argus including that of news editor, followed by assistant editor of the publication in 2016.  In July 2018, she stepped in as acting editor of Weekend Argus Saturday with the aim of growing the brand, which she has succeeded in doing.

“My journey has been memorable, and I have had countless opportunities for growth for which, I am eternally grateful. I am optimistic about my new role, yet mindful of the challenges that lie ahead in this dynamic era of new media. I look forward to telling stories that matter,” said Jade.

Independent Media fashion and beauty editor Nontando Mposo, has joined Content Nation Media as Glamour magazine’s editor in chief. As the brand custodian, Nontando will be tasked with bringing the brand’s editorial vision to life and growing its footprint further – whether in heels or flats.

Of her appointment, Nontando commented: “What a journey it has been to get me here. I started at Independent Media as a cadet in 2014. After which, I worked as a news journalist followed by a lifestyle journalist. I am grateful, humbled and excited for this opportunity.

“GLAMOUR South Africa is in a great place and my role is to take it forward to new heights with cover stories and content that resonates with a pan-African audience. Over the years, as a fashion editor, I have been building my brand and expertise and working towards this role. Thank you Dr Iqbal Survé and Mbuso Khoza for trusting me with this title. I am grateful and looking forward to this new chapter.”

Dr Iqbal Survé, executive chairman of Independent Media and chairman of Content Nation Media, paid tribute to Jade and Nontando for their hard work and dedication. “These appointments bear testimony to the company’s commitment to nurturing, growing and retaining talent within the organisation and to rewarding excellence.  We are very proud of Jade and Nontando.  They join the cadre of dynamic and talented women in our organization and we look forward to seeing them accomplish great things,” said Dr Survé.

In congratulating Nontando, CEO of Content Nation Media, Mbuso Khoza said, “I am elated to have such a reputable and solid fashion voice on board. Nontando has worked very hard to make a name for herself in the fashion and beauty industry – both as a journalist and as an influencer. It is about time she got honoured with a well-deserved crown!”

Board Appointment

Independent Media also announced the appointment of its editor in chief, Aneez Salie, as the first editorial representative on its board of directors.  Salie this year also celebrated his 40th anniversary with the company.  

“Aneez will be a real asset to the board given his wealth of experience as a journalist and his solid understanding of the media business. We are very excited to welcome him on board,” said Dr Iqbal Survé.

“I feel deeply honoured and privileged, and am grateful for the opportunity created by our executive chairman Dr Iqbal Survé. It is yet another indication of the deep transformation he has initiated, for I am the first editorial representative on the board. It gives life to Tata Nelson Mandela’s teaching, that it always seems impossible until it is done,” said Salie.