Entrepreneurial inspiration from Ahmed Seedat’s latest book released ahead of key conference

Durban Businessman and bestselling author, Ahmed Seedat, has just launched the third book, ‘Think Outside the Box’, ahead of his second international conference ‘The Dynamics of Succession in Family-Owned Businesses’, taking place on the 7 March 2020 at The Palm Continental Hotel, Johannesburg.

This latest book builds on from Seedat’s previous highly-acclaimed books related to consulting experiences – ‘Profit Progeny Politics’ and ‘The Dynamics of Succession in Family-owned Businesses’. These draw on Seedat’s years of delivering holistic business solutions to local and international clients.

Commenting on his latest book, Seedat explained: “People can expect to re-inspire themselves when reading ‘Think Outside the Box’. Many people think that inventions have taken place and they have lost out, but the book will inspire people to look at a product or service and see how they can improve and adapt the product or service. The reader will be able to take his idea and monetize this using a step-by-step guide that analyses markets. By simply tweaking the idea, there is the opportunity to provide a value-offering product to market.”

Seedat said the pervasive environment of negativity prompted him to author a book that brought positive opportunities to the South African market: “There has been lots of negative emotion and toxic conversations from disgruntled entrepreneurs on the present economic and political sentiments in South Africa, and I wanted to show how opportunity really is everywhere.”

The book will undoubtedly benefit any school-leavers or university graduates seeking to establish themselves; entrepreneurs looking to re-energise themselves; and retrenched individuals seeking to gain meaningful self-employment.

Further to his insightful literary content, Vector Consulting – in partnership with the Congress of Business and Economics (CBE) – will share key business insights on family-owned business at the upcoming ‘The Dynamics of Succession in Family-Owned Businesses’.

The conference will be led by Seedat, with the keynote address by Marius Ungerer, a professor and core faculty member at the University of Stellenbosch (USB). The aim of this conference is to address key concerns and challenges within family-owned businesses, as well as addressing the lack of structure and governance; the impact of generational conflict, as well as how to grow shareholder value within family-owned businesses, among other agenda items.

For bookings and enquiries, contact Ahmed Seedat on 082 676 1994 / ahmed@vectorconsulting.co.za / info@titaniummediasa.co.za

Ahmed Seedat’s ‘Think Outside the Box’ is available from Amazon.com or www.vectorconsulting.co.za  at a cost of R100 (including VAT, excluding delivery).