Eight reasons why now is the time to retire to the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast

The past two months of national lockdown and measures implemented to counteract the spread of Covid-19 have brought about a new reality for society. Priorities have shifted and the importance of one’s residential location in light of the global pandemic – particularly for those seeking retirement homes – has become paramount.

“An unexpected result of the pandemic and associated economic recovery measures could well prove to be a boost to the local property market,” explained Phil Barker of Renishaw Property Developments, developers of Renishaw Hills. “And for those looking to invest in a retirement home, the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast is emerging as one of the safest options in terms of location, and the most in-demand areas in terms of coastal living.”

Renishaw Hills, a mature lifestyle village located near Scottburgh on the KZN South Coast, is perfectly positioned for those seeking a quality lifestyle with top-class facilities, healthcare and security. Here’s a look at why now is the best time to make a move to the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast’s most in-demand estate.

1. Best of both worlds

Located within the Mpambanyoni Conservation Development on the KwaZulu-Natal mid-South Coast near Scottburgh, Renishaw Hills is close enough to modern amenities while still offering residents a sense of quiet living.

2. A safe haven

In terms of Covid-19 hotspots, the KZN South Coast is removed from areas that currently have a high rate of transmission, and with Renishaw Hills’ advanced health-and-safety measures, this area is likely to remain a safe zone.

3. Get to live the holiday

The KZN South Coast is the essence of coastal living as residents experience a holiday lifestyle even during the lockdown. Wide-open spaces, landscaped indigenous gardens, ocean and forest views, nature trails and an ideal coastal climate make this the ultimate retreat for body and mind.

4. Lower interest rates

With the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) cutting the repo rate to 3.75 percent, coupled with the re-opening of the South African deeds’ office, there is likely to be a welcome revival of the local property market. For those depending on the sale of a home to buy into a retirement estate; or those seeking a buy-to-rent option, now is a great time to invest.

5. Value for money

Award-winning construction, high-end services and quality on-site facilities make Renishaw Hills a truly worthwhile investment option. The variety of home sizes and styles provide a range of choice to suit individual requirements, and prices compare very favourably against other coastal locations, despite its superior quality.

6. Home-based care

Avoiding busy healthcare facilities during the pandemic is vital for mature residents which is why Renishaw Hills’ home-based care makes this the perfect retirement option. Driven by leading healthcare providers, TruCare Age-Well Solutions, home-based care offers residents treatment of medical conditions, ongoing medical checks, personalised wellness counselling and the assurance of medical attention in the comfort of the home.

7. Safety protocols

Renishaw Hills is meticulous with its Covid-19 health and safety protocols, with the wellbeing of every resident behind all decisions made. Hygiene procedures in place before the pandemic were already stringent, but Renishaw Hills has implemented additional measures to protect residents including assistance with deliveries and transport to prevent unnecessary physical interaction.

8. Natural retreat

Situated within part of a nature reserve, the architectural design of each unit takes advantage of natural views and lighting. Walking trails through the indigenous forest and coastal grasslands allows residents to experience close-up views of the animal, plant and birdlife in the area.

Renishaw Hills is once again offering physical tours – as well as continuing with the online virtual tours – of the mature lifestyle village. All precautionary health and safety measures will be adhered to, with tours conducted by Julieann Hampson, Head of Sales at Renishaw Hills. As a former nurse, Julieann has an intimate understanding of the necessary health protocols to be followed on all site visits. For those wanting a virtual tour, visitors can make an appointment for an online tour with Julieann which will be conducted via Zoom or WhatsApp.

For more information about the mature lifestyle village, contact Renishaw Hills on info@renishawhills.co.za or visit www.renishawhills.co.za