Obsidian, Grape unite to secure corporate comms

Leading provider of end-to-end digital services and solutions Obsidian Systems is proud to announce its partnership with market-leading integrated secure messenger Grape, to help South African businesses bolster their security.

The alliance effectively adds a fresh layer of security and compliance within corporate communication, particularly significant given the push by many businesses across multiple markets to facilitate work-from-home scenarios, including remote access.

“With the unplanned push for many companies to remote work scenarios, the risks are high with ‘shadow IT’ and employees moving to quick consumer platforms, enterprise organisations could be at risk. Grape can integrate securely across all tools, devices and departments,” said Muggie van Staden, MD, Obsidian Systems.

Security around access to networks, to communication platforms and other devices is critical to business optimisation and continuity.

Equally there is risk with many solutions moving to the cloud, Grape offers a locally hosted server option.

Grape is built with security in mind and the design is an integral part of global compliance, regardless of geographic location.

The company partners with Platinum Atlassian Partners to reimagine the way modern communication should happen across global best Dev Ops Suite, and connects all Atlassian products, which the company says “allows for a swift and easy communication across knowledge bases, code repositories and issue trackers.”

Obsidian Systems is upskilling its teams to be able to assist with licensing, hosting and support and potentially to build and develop integrations and applications specific to South African needs.

“As part of the Atlassian ecosystem, Obsidian Systems is proud to be a partner with Grape. As an Atlassian Platinum Partner we are continuously looking for exceptional solutions to fit our market needs. Grape is an integrated secure messenger with an open API that allows your communication to be a part of your systems that your teams will love.”