5 ways corporate teams can start the year with a bang

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By Dr Annemarie Lombard, founder, thought leader, workshop facilitator and author at Sensory Intelligence Consulting

Having goals at the start of a new year is important. Of course, setting them is easy. However, achieving and maintaining them always prove to be difficult. At Sensory Intelligence, people behaviour and effectiveness are the core focus of our work and have proven to be key to organisational success. I have compiled five tips for businesses to consider when it comes to enhancing the work environment.

1. Value human capital: Recognising the importance of every individual in the company is crucial. Leaders should not only acknowledge but actively invest in their team’s growth and well-being. This means going beyond mere acknowledgments and ensuring that employees feel valued and understood.

2. Learning and development: Continuous learning and development are key to improving staff productivity. Think of learning as an integral, ongoing part of the corporate culture instead of approaching it as a once-off event. This is where tailored training programmes and development initiatives can result in improving employee performance and motivation.

3. Wellness programmes: The health and well-being of employees have a direct impact on their productivity and the company’s success. If a business does not have one already, it should consider Implementing a comprehensive wellness programme. This must be designed to address physical, mental, and emotional health resulting in happier, more productive employees.

4. Embracflexibility: The modern work environment is continually evolving. This requires flexibility in working hours and spaces. By injecting flexibility into the organisation, a business can help improve loyalty and productivity among employees. For instance, providing employees with flexible schedules and remote work options can help attract and retain top talent.

5. The workspace environment: The physical workspace plays a significant role in employee performance and satisfaction. Companies need to consider factors like lighting, space, air quality, and furniture. These all contribute to the effectiveness of an employee. A well-designed workspace that factors in these elements can significantly improve focus and productivity.

These tips are designed to help a business create a positive and supportive work environment. By valuing human capital, fostering continuous learning and development, implementing wellness programmes, embracing flexibility in work arrangements, and optimising the physical work environment, companies can improve their effectiveness and success.

The start of a new year is an ideal time for corporate teams to adopt these tips to help ensure a productive and prosperous year ahead for both employees and employers.

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