7 ways Renishaw Coastal Precinct will benefit the KZN mid-South Coast communities

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The 1 300-ha Renishaw Coastal Precinct being developed on the KZN Mid-South Coast will not only provide much-needed secure housing for local residents, but is set to reignite the local economy through several key sectors. Consisting of five nodes surrounded by conservation areas, plans are in place to develop Renishaw Coastal Precinct into a mixed-use, self-sustaining precinct with far-reaching socio-economic benefits for the local communities.

“For too long, the South Coast’s economy has lagged behind those of other KZN coastal regions and we believe this is set to change with the launch of Renishaw Coastal Precinct,” commented Barto van der Merwe, MD of Renishaw Coastal Precinct. “The return on investment and residential potential have been well-established by Renishaw Hills, the mature lifestyle estate where homes have already escalated in value by 50% in five years. But we’re anticipating much more economic stimulus for surrounding communities as the development unfolds.”

1.       Job creation

During the initial construction phase, there will be massive job creation for the skilled and unskilled labour market as security villages, office parks, retail, educational, medical facilities and more take shape on the 2.6m m2 of land set aside for development. Further to this, there will be long-term staffing opportunities within these businesses once they’re up and running.

2.       Local business support

Existing KZN Mid-South Coast businesses are also set to benefit from the influx of residents and visitors through Renishaw Coastal Precinct. As van der Merwe explains: “There currently isn’t sufficient footfall in the region to keep a lot of local businesses flourishing, which they really should be. We anticipate that the precinct will attract further investors into surrounding businesses, reigniting the local economy and diversifying local business offerings.”

3.       Infrastructure development

The Renishaw Coastal Precinct will increase the local rates and taxes base, generating more funding for much-needed infrastructure development. As van der Merwe explains: “We have the benefit of using the KZN North Coast as a blueprint for growing infrastructure needs. We are cognizant of the need to keep the density in line with the infrastructure capacity, with 10m m2 of land converted into conservation areas for a natural buffer zone. Necessary upgrades will be made to existing infrastructure with new developments to match growing needs.”

4.       Land donation

Renishaw Property Developments is in the process of donating land to the local community for their own use, ensuring Renishaw Coastal Precinct is completely inclusive. This will also serve to create valuable partnerships for future infrastructure upgrades while further bridging the economic gap.

5.       Self-sustaining

Central to the development ethos of Renishaw Coastal Precinct is self-sufficiency in terms of water and sanitation.  Van der Merwe further notes that they are currently in talks with various IPPs (independent power producers) with the aim of signing an offtake agreement that also allows them to be self-sufficient with regard to power generation. This will not only benefit the residents and businesses within the precinct, but reduce the energy constraints on the local grid to offset the load-shedding requirements. 

6.       Conservation

A large portion of land will be converted into conservation areas, protecting and in some cases reintroducing the indigenous coastal forest and grassland that once dominated the area, with the rehabilitation of the Mandawe Wetland already underway. This nature-based lifestyle will positively impact those within the precinct, with hiking and biking trails benefitting the larger community, and the local flora and fauna thriving beyond the precinct borders.

7.       Facilities

The establishment of a school, catering to children from pre-school to matric, will be a welcome addition to the KZN Mid-South Coast. This will allow parents to educate their children closer to home, minimising the need for expensive travel while children benefit from the lifestyle offerings of the region. It is the aim that the sports facilities, medical facilities, retail and more will also benefit the community at large. 

The 1 300-hectare Renishaw Coastal Precinct offers property developers significant opportunities, with the first two sites of Node 1 now ready for development – both of which are ideal locations for secure eco-estates. Investors looking to get in early can visit www.renishaw.co.za or call Barto van der Merwe on 087 135 5555.