Bekabee waste management, rubble removal and skip hire

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What is meant by the term “waste management”?

A waste management system is a plan an organisation uses to get rid of, reduce, reuse, and prevent waste. Recycling, composting, incineration, landfills, bioremediation, waste-to-energy, and reducing waste are all ways to get rid of the trash.

What is a skip bin?

A skip also called a “skip bin,” or “waste skip” is a big trash bin with an open top that can be loaded onto a certain kind of truck. Most of the time, only people who speak British, Australian, Irish, or New Zealand English use this word. A dumpster or debris box comes close to being the same thing in North America.

Most skip bins have a unique shape: the cross-section of the bin along its length is either a trapezoid or two trapezoids stacked on top of each other.

Benefits of hiring a skip

Skip bins are cost-effective, and you can save money by reusing them multiple times. It’s also a highly convenient way to get rid of junk and rubbish. You only have to pay for what you want to dispose of, so you don’t have to pay an extra cost for weight limit overages. You can schedule a pick-up on your own time, and choose when it will be dropped off. This makes skip bin hire great for fast pick-ups or last-minute jobs. Skip bins also make cleaning up your home or business easy, with their spacious interior that fits larger items. Looking to hire a skip bin? Bekabee will be happy to help.

At Bekabee, they have revolutionised the art of waste management. They understand how important it is to get a job done well. This means no overcharges and no damaged or broken bins! To learn more about their skip rental services or to hire a skip bin call their office today on 072 395 5610 or visit their website.‍

They are conveniently accessible by phone or email, so you can arrange a convenient time to get rid of your rubbish. Their friendly staff are always ready to answer any questions or to help you with your waste removal and management needs through their skip hire services.

Responsible dumping of your waste‍

Bekabee’s team of skip hire experts can provide customers with safe, secure and cost-effective skip bin hire solutions at affordable prices to fit your needs. Their experience allows them to assist you in determining what is best suited to your specific requirements, whether for construction or house clearance. Their commercial, residential and industrial waste disposal solutions are eco-friendly and are guaranteed to keep your premises clean and tidy. 

Make a clean sweep with Bekabee’s rubble removal service 

For quick, safe and affordable rubble removal services in Gauteng contact Bekabee today! They make it their mission to remove any rubble you have quickly, efficiently and safely. Whether it’s rubble from renovation, or from construction, get the job done right with Bekabee!

  • Superior Rubble Removal Techniques

When you choose Bekabee as your professional rubble removal service, they will show up on time and be respectful of your property. What’s more, their waste management techniques are modern, effective and the safest you’ll find. You don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for improper dumping, or being ticketed by local authorities.

  • Efficient Rubble Removal

Bekabee, a waste management company, can remove all of your rubbish within one day and you’ll find their work satisfying. Whether it’s a single cardboard box or 10 truckloads, you’ll be left satisfied. 

If you have a rubble removal job, try Bekabee out. When it comes to rubble removal, it’s hard to find a better service than Bekabee.

  • They Cater for Most Types of Rubble

Bekabee removes waste material, building debris and demolition rubble. They cater for most types of waste. Debris materials include rocks, wood, concrete, soil, bricks and mortar. 

They also remove asbestos and other dangerous materials. And they cater for most property types: apartments, homes, or offices in Gauteng are no problem for them.

Fundamentally, Bekabee are a waste removal service

The company name, Bekabee, is derived from the bird that cleans crocodiles’ teeth in a symbiotic relationship which benefits both parties and the environment. This is their company philosophy.

Bekabee offers two types of waste removal services

The first is the environmentally-friendly recycling solution. For this, they build beautiful recycling and waste management center on your site, and they employ a full-time staff to separate all waste into the various grades of recyclable material and waste streams. 

This means that you don’t need to do a thing, while you achieve the highest levels of recycling. All waste is removed from the site, leaving you with a waste area that is clean, neat and tidy, as well as aesthetically pleasing. It’s a brilliant, turnkey solution that is tested and proven to work better than any other.

The second service offered is standard waste removal. For this, they use skips or flatbed trucks to remove all waste, unsorted, from the site.

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