Decision Inc.: A Cape Town year in review

Leader in information-driven transformation, Decision Inc. unpacks how the Cape Town office has performed in a challenging year that has redefined the company’s outlook and strategy. For David Kempe, Regional Business Manager at Decision Inc. Cape Town, the regional office has remained true to its focus on digital solutions for our clients. Delivering solutions including, but not limited to the data, analytics, and financial planning & analytics spaces, while also contributing to revenue growth for the South African region as a whole.  

“A massive milestone for us was achieving a 25-person headcount in the region with people permanently based here, when four years ago the team was only four people,” he adds. “This has been one of our key areas of growth alongside our business intelligence and data solutions which has seen us achieve significant market expansion and success.”

The Decision Inc. Cape Town office has traditionally focused on a large enterprise client base with a small mid-market and small to medium enterprise (SME) market. Over the past year, the branch has cemented these relationships by delivering solutions to its key clients and helping them to drive digital change.

“We have given our clients the solutions they need to transform and refine their operations within a complex market, we haven’t waited for them to ask us for help,” says Kempe. “In the Western Cape we have financial, retail, manufacturing and logistics clients that relied on our solutions to stay ahead of the challenges facing their organisations. We partnered with them by thinking of solutions on a customer level and creating clearly defined digital transformation roadmaps.”

For Kempe, the branch’s success over the past year is largely due to its refusal to be defined by any one type of technology. The company is committed to helping customers make relevant decisions that will help them channel their digital transformation efforts effectively. Another significant milestone for the branch was its contribution to the overall success of the South African company by contributing 14% of Revenue for FY2020 and 19% in FY2021 across Cape Town-based clients. Looking ahead to FY2022, the team will continue its solutions-focused approach and leverage a centralised operation to deliver relevant solutions to the market.

“We’re not restricted by technology,” he concludes. “We empower our clients with solutions and meet them halfway, giving them what they need so they can thrive in the year ahead.”Customer Success Stories | Technology Sector | Digital Solutions | Cape Town