Decision Inc.: A year in review

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Leader in information-driven transformation, Decision Inc. takes a look back at 2021 and how one of the most challenging years in recent history shaped the stratospheric growth and expansion of the company. For Allan Saffy, Managing Executive at Decision Inc. South Africa, the year was an important milestone, one that saw Decision Inc. refine its vision and strategy and gain significant ground in fractured economic times.

“We managed to deliver the best year end results in the history of the company in June 2021 – our financial year end,” he explains. “We then shifted our strategy in the second half of the year to progress the business even further, delivering our local innovation on a global scale by adjusting our business from a technology focused structure to one that was focused on clients and growth initiatives. A move very much in line with the market.”

For Saffy, 2021 was a year defined by companies moving from a reactive posture to one where they were rebounding and accelerating out of the pandemic. This meant that they needed support and services that allowed them to operate with increased agility and flexibility, using solutions that were relevant to new ways of working and doing business. This move fit perfectly within the Decision Inc. strategic framework.

“We picked up on this rebound early,” says Saffy. “Because we can operate with agility, we were able to provide our clients with solutions that were applicable to their very unique requirements and postures. As a result, we saw an increase in demand for our solutions in the market.”

The sectors most influenced by this change in market perspective and investment were mining, manufacturing, and retail. Decision Inc. restructured itself to meet this demand by providing more meaningful insights-based solutions to its clients. The company experienced an immediate impact as a result of its shift in focus with an increase in net new clients, and 20% year-on-year growth. The increase in demand from clients has seen the company restructure its talent base, growing skilled people by 15% year-on-year.

“There have been pockets of turmoil in the market where we have seen a shift in skills out of South Africa, and this had made supply quite difficult for us, but we still managed to put together decent growth numbers in spite of these issues,” says Saffy. “We have emphasised internal growth initiatives for young leaders within our business, a twofold strategy that results in innovative solutions and personal growth for our people. We believe that putting people at the forefront of our business benefits everyone.”

Decision Inc. is committed to consistently evolving its core services for its clients, ensuring that the entire value chain is seamless and that the solutions are always aligned with the market and demand. One of the core services that’s set to remain a priority for 2022 is data. It’s one of the most valuable commodities owned by the organisation and Decision Inc. has developed solutions that allow companies to fully tap into their data and the insights it holds.

“We help organisations manage risk in a more deliberate way, one that’s more data-driven,” says Saffy. “This forms the foundation for how we plan to focus on our services going forward. To remain relevant in the market, ready for change and disruption, we will retain our core assets of agility and innovation, and use the foundations we built in 2021 to allow for even more deliberate and aggressive growth in 2022.”