FAME Week Africa celebrates diversity: Top 10 LGBTQ+ entertainers in Africa inspire and promote inclusion

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FAME Week Africa, the premier event celebrating film, television and music in Africa, is thrilled to present an electrifying list showcasing the top ten LGBTQ+ entertainers on the continent. In an unyielding commitment to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the entertainment industry, these extraordinary individuals have fearlessly paved the way for change, inspiring inclusivity across Africa.

“FAME Week Africa is a transformative gathering that brings together industry professionals, artists, and enthusiasts to delve into the power of diversity in film, television, and music. Our mission is to create an environment where diverse voices are amplified, celebrated, and embraced, fostering an entertainment landscape that thrives on inclusivity,: says Martin Hiller, Portfolio Director of FAME Week Africa, built by RX Africa.

With an unwavering dedication to DEI, we are thrilled to unveil the 10 LGBTQ+ entertainers in Africa who have ignited a revolution within the industry:

  1. Somizi Mhlongo (South Africa) is a renowned choreographer, television personality, and singer. His captivating performances and unwavering advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights have inspired countless individuals across the continent.
  2. Toya Delazy (South Africa) is a talented musician who empowers individuals to embrace their authentic selves through her compelling music while advocating for LGBTQ+ rights.
  3. Nakhane (South Africa) is a singer, songwriter, and actor who fearlessly uses his soulful music and thought-provoking performances to advocate for equality and acceptance.
  4. Titica (Angola) is an Angolan singer and transgender rights activist who has trailblazed the Kuduro music genre. Her talent and advocacy raise awareness about transgender issues in Africa and beyond.
  5. Mx Blouse (South Africa) is a non-binary rapper and songwriter known for their captivating lyrics and bold performances. They challenge gender norms and advocate for LGBTQ+ visibility in the music industry.
  6. Y’akoto (Ghana) is a Ghanaian-German singer-songwriter whose soulful voice and empowering lyrics resonate with diverse audiences. Identifying as queer, she celebrates love and encourages acceptance, making her an inspiring figure.
  7. Jay Boogie (Nigeria) is a Nigerian cross-dresser, makeup artist, and social media influencer. Their bold and expressive style challenges traditional gender norms, promoting self-acceptance and LGBTQ+ visibility.
  8. Dope Saint Jude (South Africa) is a rapper, singer, and LGBTQ+ activist who combines hip-hop, pop, and electronic music to address topics of identity, empowerment, and social justice. She challenges norms and advocates for LGBTQ+ rights.
  9. Temmie Ovwasa (Nigeria) is an alternative singer-songwriter who publicly identifies as queer. Her music explores themes of self-expression, love, and sexuality.
  10. Harry Itie (Nigeria) is an acclaimed entertainment journalist and filmmaker. As Editor in Chief at The Rustin Times, he highlights LGBTQ+ issues, and his documentary “Defiance: Voices Of A New Generation” gained international recognition.

These exceptional LGBTQ+ entertainers exemplify the strength, resilience, and creativity within the African entertainment industry. By fearlessly sharing their stories and talent, they inspire individuals from all backgrounds to become allies, fostering inclusivity and embracing the vibrant tapestry of diversity.

Join us at FAME Week Africa, where we will embark on an extraordinary journey exploring the transformative power of diversity, equity, and inclusion in film, TV, and music. Through immersive panel discussions, engaging workshops, captivating performances, and unparalleled networking opportunities, attendees will gain invaluable insights and contribute to the advancement of DEI in the entertainment sector

FAME Week Africa provides a unique platform to empower artists, industry professionals, and enthusiasts to unite in celebrating the richness of African talent while championing diversity and inclusion. By attending FAME Week Africa, you will not only partake in an unforgettable experience but also play an integral role in shaping a more inclusive entertainment landscape.

Don’t miss out on this momentous event! Mark your calendars for FAME Week Africa, 3 to 9 September 2023, and join us in celebrating the top LGBTQ+ entertainers in Africa while championing diversity and inclusion in the entertainment industry.