Find out the market value of your assets

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This valuation discipline covers a highly specialised sector undertaken by The Valuator Group which have undertaken many property valuations of prestigious art collections, Museums, galleries and private art and antique portfolios.

Full list of art valuations services:

  • Valuation for all artworks & antiques including heritage assets
  • GRAP 103 compliance – accounting standard for accounting of Heritage Assets
  • Full Register with or without images
  • Cataloging of Collection with photographs
  • Include history/literature of relevant item – provenance
  • Digitization of artworks collection
  • Collection management re conservation and sustainability including restoration referral if required
  • Purchasing & selling referrals to specialist experts in the field

Find Out The Value Of Your Agriculture Farms And Game Reserves

The Valuator Group’s agricultural property valuation services cover projects of any size within the agricultural sector from wine, fruit, poultry and other farms to ranches and game reserves, as well as manufacturing/ packing/ cold storage facilities linked to this industry. Their Valuators visit a location and traverse the area noting all assets. Building ( including lodges ), machinery, livestock, crops, storage facilities, vehicles and contents are all considered. Each component is recorded, listed and expressed in a Valuation Report and Certificate.

Find Out The Value Of Your Plant, Machinery, Equipment & Technical Assets

A thorough on-site inspection is carried out to capture, measure and write up all details. These details are converted to an inventory database with each individual item separately listed and priced. The final document can easily be converted to an Asset Register which The Valuator Group can manage on an ongoing basis. Plant & Machinery can also be barcoded with or without Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). RFID is the wireless non-contact use of radio frequency waves to transfer data. RFID systems usually comprise an RFID reader, RFID tags and antennas. This allows the user to automatically and uniquely identify & track inventory and assets. 

The full list of services:

  • Valuations for insurance (Estimated New Replacement Cost) and market (Open Market Value/Fair Market Value)
  • Valuation according to International Valuation Standards (IVSC) and for Financial Reporting purposes – GAAP/IFRS
  • Record Asset specification & technical information
  • Record Asset identification & serial numbers
  • Update Asset Registers 
  • Establish age, usage and remaining useful lifespan estimates
  • General condition assessment
  • Establish operating conditions & standards
  • Photograph assets for record purposes with coding’s

“We have used The Valuator Group for many years with great success”. Tharisa Mine – Pieter Le Roux – Group Finance Manager 

Find Out The Value Of Your Sports Memorabilia

Valuing sporting memorabilia needs the eye of an experienced expert who can determine the market value of your item. As with all memorabilia and collectibles, the value of sports memorabilia is determined by rarity and significance.

This is an extremely specialised field that can only be carried out by valuers with years of experience in the industry. The value of sports and other memorabilia is important to the holder be it for wealth or personal reasons.

The Valuator Group’s valuers will determine the market value of your sports memorabilia for insurance and/or market purposes with the highest respect for confidentiality and privacy.

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