Flow Bit to highlight importance of security in UK BC, DR market

Flow Bit, a UK-based business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) company, was launched recently to capitalise on the growing managed service provider (MSP) market in Europe that is expected to reach $214 billion by next year.

“Some of the major service providers we deal with are in the UK. The friendly time zone and no language barrier make it the ideal base to become the European hub for our operations. With more than 20 years’ experience in the MSP market, our existing stakeholders saw this as an opportune time to launch Flow Bit,” says Justin Navetta, sales manager at Flow Bit.

Navetta believes that even though the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted on many industries, the need to embrace cloud-based environments puts MSPs on a strong footing.

“More companies than ever are embracing cloud-based storage and online productivity suites to equip remote workers with the tools needed to remain productive in these unprecedented times. With Redstor being one of our largest partners, Flow Bit is perfectly positioned to provide customers in the UK with the means to effectively secure their data in the cloud and ensure their BC and DR needs are taken care of.”

This is critical considering how malware in the UK and Europe have significantly increased during the past several months.

“Threat actors are targeting unsecured home networks to capitalise on employees working remotely. With so many unprotected devices, the risk of data compromise is significant. Organisations must therefore take the necessary precautions to ensure their systems remain safe. Education does form an important part of the process especially when it comes to the shared responsibility model and what companies themselves are responsible for,” says Navetta.

He admits that breaking into the UK market from a zero client base will present its share of challenges.

“The complexities of the regulatory environment there thanks to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) require a keen understanding of how to effectively take care of BC within the confines of data sensitivity and protection. Flow Bit will be focused on coming into the market with a fresh perspective and assisting those organisations that need to enhance their existing DR and BC offerings.”

He says that Flow Bit will initially target SMEs that do not have dedicated IT support teams and empower them with a range of MSP offerings at competitive rates.

“Much attention will be placed on increasing awareness of security issues and highlighting the importance of DR and BC especially when it comes to remote working. Fortunately, the UK is well positioned for that as their infrastructure makes for a cloud-friendly environment with limitless opportunities for growth,” he concludes.