Fundi garden initiative promotes food security and community engagement

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The Fundi Foundation has launched a garden initiative: a community-driven project aimed at addressing food security gaps, fostering community engagement, and providing hands-on learning experiences, especially for children. The initiative is strategically aligned with Fundi’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) goals and aligning with the organisation’s commitment to making a positive impact on the community.

Recently launched in Soweto, the Fundi Foundation’s garden initiative was first inspired by a pivotal moment in June when team members had the opportunity to donate backpacks to a community in Pimville through the Kasi Hero Foundation.

“Our visit uncovered a garden that simply couldn’t be maintained due to the lack of resources, equipment and seedlings,” explains Sphiwe Masuku, Marketing Manager. “The community was willing to contribute to its upkeep though and – given the food security challenges faced by schools and families in the area – we decided to initiate a gardening project.”

The initiative aims to empower communities to grow their own food, addressing resource challenges by actively involving stakeholders and partners like Fundi’s strategic marketing agency, Gryphon Lounge.

Masuku explains that Fundi Foundation’s involvement in the garden initiative is deeply rooted in the organisation’s commitment to community impact and educational outreach: “By supporting initiatives that promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices, we’re able to actively contribute to the well-being of the community.”

She adds that the partnership between Kasi Hero Foundation in Soweto and the Fundi Foundation means that even more lives can be transformed and impacted through education.

The Kasi Hero Foundation’s founders Tankiso Joseph Moremi and Ndivhuwo Liphadzi, are clear on the growing need emerging in the community they serve: “We’re already supporting approximately 250 – 300 children from schools in the Pimville community on a daily basis. This food garden initiative will go a long way in further enabling this, and allowing us to continue reaching as many children as possible,” says Liphadzi. The Foundation provide essential support, including feeding children after school and offering tutoring services, significantly impacting the lives of these young individuals.

At the launch event, Masuku invited stakeholders, partners and the wider community to join hands in supporting this cause, contributing to the growth of sustainable practices and community welfare. “Through the Fundi Garden Initiative, we hoping to touch and change lives well into the future. We invite other stakeholders to join us and amplify the positive impact that can be created through initiatives like this.”

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